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    Kensington KeyFolio Universal 10' case with keyboard

    Got a few months on the Kensington KeyFolio and its keyboard, thought I'd give a mini-review

    Here's what it looks like

    I read a lot of horror stories about screens cracking when using the ASUS dock... so I shopped for alternatives. Another reason I got this one was because a friend of mine did the same, and I had a chance to try hers, and liked it.

    The good and bad:
    The folio comes with two sets of velcro attached corners - like old time picture corners for an album. They velcro to the folio, and the tablet sits into them. The larger corners work best, but there's a little finagling to do in order to make them work their best. I found that the TF700T was a bit on the thin side for the corners. It worked but fit sloppy. My "solution" was $1.50 from Home Depot. Got some 3" felt stickies used under table legs. They come in a pack of four. Took one and cut it into quarters, and stuck them to each corner as a "shim", then took a full 3" one and put it right in the middle of the case on the velcro to support the center of the tablet. Perfect. You couldn't ask for a better fit, once its shimmed a little. I lay my folio open and charge the tablet, but if you want to... just put the tablet in the folio upside down, your charge slot will be at top, and your vol+/- and on/off will be at the bottom. Makes USB and charging easier. Whatever works best for individuals is the way to go with the tablet orientation. All of the buttons on the tablet are accessible through the corners (which had nice little cutouts for button pushing)

    The keyboard is large enough to touch type on.... I have problems with the right shift key and my pinky finger... just does not want to hit the target... I'm getting better with it though. That's the only key that does not fall right into place for my large hands. YMMV. The keyboard connected right up via bluetooth. I've only charged it three times since a week before Christmas '12 (and here it is mid March). Its never run down, and I've recharged it... basically because I thought it would be a good idea. I have no idea how long the battery lasts, but it seems like forever. The keyboard is easily removed (held by magnets). Once its removed you can get some other tilt angles for the tablet. I usually just keep the keyboard in place. The keyboard on/off switch can be a little tricky when its in the folio. An elastic strap keeps the folio closed. I wish there were an outside pouch on the folio for papers, but there isn't.

    The entire package once folded up is thick. Its not quite an inch thick. No way you're going to crack the screen unless you drop it. The rubber "corners" that hold the tablet are good bumpers and keep the keyboard away from the screen. There's ample stiffness to the folio and light padding. If you need a very thin item when all together, this is not for you. But if you want protection and keyboard, and lower price than the keyboard/dock that ASUS offers, this folio might be an option for you.

    Currently they're $99 USD msrp, but you can find them discounted if you shop around.
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    Nice review & thanks for posting.

    Interestingly, Asus have taken a similar route with the new Asus MeMo Pad 10.1" ME301T. They have released a keyboard accessory very similar to that above.

    Folio Key optional accessory for enhanced productivity

    Folio Key, an optional accessory, is a wrap-around protective cover for MeMO Pad™ ME301T with an integral Bluetooth keyboard for easy productivity, at home or on the move. Made from lightweight microfiber materials with instant magnetic attachment, Folio Key also incorporates a tabletop stand that holds the display at a comfortable angle for watching movies and typing. The keyboard is powered from its own internal battery and can be used for up to one month on a single charge.

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    I have a similar off-brand (OXA) keyboard-case that I bought for my TF300, I hope it will also work for the 700 I just ordered. I had to remove two opposite corner clips to keep them away from the power and volume buttons. But since it does not say Kensington on it, it's only about US$20. However, I cannot touch-type on it since the keys are flat and have no space between them. My fingertips are not that sensitive, I run impact tools all day long for a living.



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