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    Lightbulb finally a solution many of us have been hoping for at CES, a wifi storage drive

    though the title of the article i ran across reading cnet is, "iPad-friendly wireless storage almost perfected" but it works w/android tablets too as well as ms. a 1tb ext. drive that can used wired via usb 3.0 which is good but we don't have that option which is why this product got me interested, it can work with wifi alone! so all those big video files, etc. you can load them up on this wireless device and have more storage than most could ever know what to do with. we all talk about using sd cards ranging in size up to 128gb's but w/one tb and for $199 list why spend substantially more per gb getting the largest sd cards we can when this new option is available. here are some basics,

    Product Description Seagate Wireless Plus STCK1000100 - Network drive
    Total Storage Capacity 1 TB
    Compatibility Apple iOS Android Mac PC
    Hard drive type Standard-USB 3.0 when connected via included cabling
    Data link protocol [Jan 18, 2013 from CDS: Networking] IEEE 802.11n

    just thought i would throw this one out as a wireless ext. android hard drive is not something i had heard of before.
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    That's not exactly new news other than maybe the size, Seagate has had a wireless GoFlex Satellite drive out for quite a while as has Kingston.

    Portable Wi-Fi Drives for your smartphone

    Any WiFi drive that would work with iOS or Windows will work with Android as well.

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    This drive is compatable with Android. The only issue I see is if you are streaming from this drive your device can not connect to the internet simultaneously

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    There are indeed many varied options for this type of thing - they may not all be USB 3 but some are.

    One of the more interesting to Google is CloudFTP -

    Make ANY USB Storage Device Wireless! The easiest way to share any USB data with Apple iPad, iPhone, & the Cloud. Just connect and share with up to 3 iDevices at the same time.

    Compatibility: USB Mass Storage Compliant Devices (e.g. hard drive, flash drive), WiFi-enabled Devices (e.g. All models of iPad & iPhone, Android)
    One of the main advantages of personal cloud storage is the connectivity to any device connected to your home network - ours (I just can't be bothered to convert all my DVD/Blu Rays) is a Transcend 64gb Flash Drive connected to the USB port on our router & when you are not cramming a drive full of 3-6gb movies, 64gb will hold plenty of photos, home videos, documents, etc

    I researched this subject a lot because we do everything from Tablets these days - no PC or Laptop for us any more. For our purely domestic usage, tablets do everything we need.

    If we do ever get into the situation where we need to go bigger, I will be looking at a NAS that has built in RAID capability and will pop a couple of 500gb drives into it.

    It's a vast subject & many of the options available have dedicated apps both for Android & iOS.

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    Just my .02 worth...

    A) Friend has one of these, he has the following issues:

    1. Cannot connect to internet while connected to this. (As stated above)
    2. When connected, it's slow, very slow, he finds streaming movies from it to be a pain.

    B) Recommend getting the keyboard/dock, and getting two 128GB SD cards vs. a Wifi Drive.

    C) Sky drive, Google Drive, cloud service etc. is a viable option as well (?)


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    Re: finally a solution many of us have been hoping for at CES, a wifi storage drive

    I have a WD 4tb NAS on my network that serves this purpose. Any NAS will do, including the "add your own hard drive" enclosures. If you have an extra 1tb laying around, it works great. Most home usage NAS units have support for streaming to tablets, Xbox, ps3, and of course windows file-sharing through samba. Using ES File Explorer I can copy media locally through my existing WiFi network and still surf the Net. I update my media before I hit the road with 64 internal, 64 micro, and 32 in the dock. Works great!

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