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Thread: [ROM]★●[TF300T/G/L/201/301][CROMi-X 5.0.2][ODEX/DEODEX][SEP 8]●★

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    Hey everyone - updating this with the links and updates for CROMi-X 5.2.3. Apologies for forgetting to update!

    First post now up to date! Enjoy!
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    I have a TF300TL(4g) everything stock -build# JRO03.US_epad- running JB 4.1.1.
    Im considering trying the CROMI-X Rom, it seems really nice and seems faster than the stock. Couple questions though i need clarifying.

    1. My tablet SKU is US, and the last android update for this tablet is JB 4.1.1(currently installed) and everywhere I read requires JB 4.2+ which I only see for WW SKU, is it possible to update the WW SKU on the US SKU to get it from 4.1.1 to 4.2 without bricking?

    2.I dont know what bootloader im on but i know its lock to AT&T network, i guess once i can upgrade to 4.2 that would put me on an appropriate bootloader.

    3. simply put, how can I get my tablet to JB 4.2 US SKU.?
    thnks much

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    First question to ask yourself: how bad do I need the 4G capability? Asus has not released 4.2 for the 300TL, and it looks like they will never. CROMi-X does not support 4G. If you don't need 4G, head over to the XDA forums, sdbags has very clear instructions regarding bootloaders and everything else.

    Perhaps one of the big boys will correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC you can flash the Asus 4.2 firmware for the 300T on your TL, but you will lose your 4G connectivity. You cannot change SKU easily, if at all.

    Is your tablet unlocked? Custom recovery installed? I'd do that even if I didn't flash the ROM.
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    I have flashed my 300tg a week ago and now it only charges up to about 56%. I have to turn off the device to get it to full charge. Even battery calibration apps don't make a difference.
    I think I will reflash the rom with full charge, I guess..


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