I've Bricked my TF300T and bought A new Board.
The new board came with the OPEN_epad firmware. So I tried to Force update the WW_epad using the SDcard renaming the ROM to ep201_768_sdupdate.

It seems to update, initial logo and the bootloader changed to WW, but now I'm Stuck on the ASUS logo boot loop.

It boots, the ASUS logo appears stays on with the logo on for about 30 sec, then it restarts itself.

I can Access the recovered page (Using VOL-). When I try to recover, The Green Robot appears as if it was everything OK. Goes for some minutes, and the tablet restarts to its boot cycle again.

The tablet is not unlocked, so I guess that the Fastboot/TWRP wouldn't work.

Does anyone know what should I do?