I have been trying to speed up my 300t for yeas now. I found a reasonable solution to make it a useful and very fast tablet. It does come with a little compromise though. I installed a few useful apps that I can use offline. Then I installed Blue Mail, which will manage multiple accounts. I installed the Pufin Browser. After installing what I wanted, I disabled all the Google services and Asus Services so nothing syncs. Since nothing is happening in the background, all processes are devoted to what I want, when I want. I have only the stock update, which I think is 4.2.1. So far this has been the best solution to make the tablet useful. Configured this way, it is as fast or faster than anything out there. No root, no custome ROM, unfortunately there are no contacts or calendar, but it is fast and useful for web browsing, email and my home inventory (offline) and document or picture viewing. It makes me feel a little better about the $500 I spent back in 2013 for the tablet and keyboard. Left to updates from Google this tablet would be useless. All updates and services have been disabled. They do, however have to be updated to install the apps you want. After that, I just disabled all the services. The tf300t is still useful.