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    TF300T problem with Google Locate dropping internet connection

    I have an Asus Transformer TF300T. I haven't used it for a while and recently plugged it back in and updated everything. I am currently running Andrid 4.2.1. Since then I have been having a problem with the internet connection dropping out, but after some investigation traced it down to Googles Location Service.

    If I have Wi-Fi and Mobile Network Location checked and use an app that requests access to my location, Google Maps for instance, then as soon as it tries to access my location, my Internet drops out (no bars and it doesn't say connected). The only way to re-connect is to disable and re-enable my network.

    If I leave the Wi-Fi and mobile Network Location unchecked, then obviously no apps have access to my location and constantly ask for me to re-enable it, but at least my Internet doesn't drop.

    Any suggestions?

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    First suggestion: reboot your router and modem. Best if you leave both powered down for a few minutes. Often this fixes oddball quirks like this, and it's easy, anyone can do it, costs nothing. If that won't fix it, I'd look into unlocking and installing a custom ROM; app devs don't really worry much about Jellybean compatibility anymore, it's just too old now. The good news is that up-to-date ROMs are available for this old hardware and make it work better than it ever did before, but it can be a lot of work installing, especially the first time. Check the stickies in the dev section.
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