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Thread: My screen goes wacky and can't control it

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    My screen goes wacky and can't control it

    I have a problem with my tf300t in that sometimes my screen will zoom out and make things bigger by itself and it will go wacky, just won't let me do much with it. I can't get it to respond sometimes either when touching an app. I noticed if I play solitare, sometimes it zooms the screen out and i can't zoom it back my finger pinching it and I have to exit the game and come back into it. I really don'thave anywhere near to take it to to have it looked at. Anyone have any suggestions. How do I completly wipe it and start over. Where do I get the software then?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    1. First thing I would suggest is performing Cold Boot and see if that resets your device so it works properly. A Cold Boot reloads the current OS/firmware and won't change anything else on your tablet. It might help.

    2. I suggest checking your touch function by turning on your developer options (press "about tablet" 7 times and it should enable those options) - press on the 'developer options" which now appear in your settings, reply OK, then scroll to input and enable show touches this will then have the tablet displaying a "white circle" wherever it detects a touch. See if it is randomly showing touches in error. That would indicate a loose internal cable connecting the digitizer to your screen.

    You probably don't have to "wipe and start over" yet -- and the OS/Firmware is easily found on the Asus web site, it can be downloaded and re-installed at any time. There are links to the Cold Boot procedure, firmware installs and other tips that might assist you, found in the Master Help Guide, which is linked below.

    Report back after a Cold Boot or checking the touch function on your tablet.
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    Another (even quicker) thing to look at: Both of my tablets start acting nuts whenever I put them on one particular desk in my office. It took me longer than I like to admit to realize that that desk is also home to both a wireless printer and a cordless telephone base station! It just makes sense to keep the tablet away from any source of radio frequencies, especially in the 2.4 to 3.5 GHz range that computers seem to use these days.



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