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Thread: solution for none working touch or crazy acting touch.

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    solution for none working touch or crazy acting touch.

    I bought a tf300t on ebay and the touch barely worked. I read a lot of help sites and saw that there weren't any solutions out there and that there's 4 different digitizer one being hard to get and exspensive, mine is the one with no label on the ribbon. So anyways the screen was in great shape and didnt look like it had any defects. Most of the post ppl changed the screen and still didnt work, some tryd to reload the firmware or downloaded calibration apps, without any luck getting it to work.
    I tryed the calibration apps, kinda help but then made it worse, so too me who thinks outside the box it had to be the touch screen PCB board. First i tryd the fix they do on the xbox360's for the red ring of death. Take the board out and take a heat gun to the board to reset the chips with no results. Then i put the board back in turned it on and apply'd pressure to the board and tryed to use the touch at the same time and saw that the touch was feaking out, (oh ya i turned on the option that shows every touch on the screen) and stayed freaking out after i let go of the board. This made me believe the boards are a defect. So I searched for the boards and i could only find 2 different kinds. 1 ending in 2A and the other ending in 2D, mine ends in 2A.
    I have no idea if the boards are the same or if firmwares are different. I Searched out for firmware and the boards and couldnt find anything about either. So i finally decided i would just buy the same board thats in my tablet.
    My tablet works great now.
    My conclusion is the touch screen boards are defective, so anyone having this problem should change out the touch screen board. I picked mine up for $20 on ebay.
    I hope this helps ppl out, since all my searches on this problem turned out nothing.
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    Let us know if this works. The used one I just got is now unusable after about two weeks. Only the buttons work. I hope to return it but if not your solution might be the next try.



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