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    Question TF300T Stuck on "Asus" logo..Need Help in Layman's Terms, Please!

    Hello...I just purchased an Asus Transformer TF300T from Ebay. The day I received it, it worked okay (sort of). I could navigate around, but it would randomly freeze to where it would not respond to any touch, and then after a few seconds of that, it would re-boot, showing the Asus logo with the turning wheel, and then come back on. It would do this every 5-10 minutes, no matter what I was doing with the tablet...surfing the web, working in an app, looking in settings, etc. I noticed it had the old 4.0 firmware, so I tried to check for updates, and got a message saying couldn't connect to server, or something like that. The next day, I tried again, and this time it connected and I started doing the update. It showed the Android guy with the cube thing turning and the blue status bar moving along. Then, it just froze probably half way through. I waited a while, and when it looked like nothing further was going to happen, I shut it down. When I turned it back on, it started updating for a split second, and then I got the Android guy lying on his back with the red triangle. When I rebooted, it got stuck at the Asus logo and will not go any further. I've tried cold reboot, wiping, data, and even tried downloading the update to a micro SD card and doing it manually, but nothing so far has worked. However, I am no techie at all! So I am not even sure I did the manual download correctly. Also, I don't know the SKU because I can't get into the tablet to find out! I assume it is either US or WW, but I don't know for sure. I have no idea whether this tablet was unlocked, rooted, or whatever, from the previous owner, or whether it was still original OS. Could someone please help me fix this, and give detailed instructions in terms I can understand? I don't know many of the terminology or abreviations I've seen in the many, many threads I've read. Sorry for being a "dummy" Thank you!!

    Update: I did figure one thing out..I found it shows my SKU/version when I first enter recovery mode. It doesn't stay on long, but it does show it on the first line that appears. (For anyone like me, who didn't know how to figure out their SKU!)
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