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ASUS Support instructed me to do a hard reset/cold boot, whatever. I did a refresh and an AppBackup first and when that did not solve my issue I performed the reset. That didn't fix anything either. I didn't think it would since it is so obviously a hardware issue. The tablet is now at the ASUS Service Centre facing a 7 to 10 working-day stay. Will update with result.

As an aside, I tried to do an AppBackup restore but, like many others have reported, it would not accept the password

Good luck. I bought one for my wife as a present and 7 months later this was happening too. Hard reset did nothing. Sent it in and FINALLY Got it back today and I am pissed. As soon as I turned it on I see what looks like pixels going dead. There are 2 spots about the size of a quarter that showed slightly green on the black startup screen then there were black spots and lines on those places once started up. After a while they went away so I can only guess the pixels aren't dead yet, but the screen is faulty. They didn't repair my new tablet it looks like they just sent me someone else's broken tablet. Hopefully you wiped all your personal info like I did, because it also has all the old owner's data, plus the case is all scratched up. They did take a sticker that had my old serial number and stick it on the case near a different sticker that has the other tablets serial number.

I haven't gotten a chance to call and complain yet. I am looking forward to having TO PAY TO SEND IT BACK AGAIN. WHat an awful company. I don't know if Ill ever give them business again.