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Thread: Cracked unresponsive screen TF300

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    Unhappy Touch screen unresponsive after drop

    Hey guys! I'm in a bit of a predicament here. My son dropped my tablet on its corner (under daddy's supervision, of course) and it is cracked all along the entire screen, but pretty much shattered on the corner it was dropped (the glass there popped out, and the sticky residue is showing). The screen is still bright and looks fine, and it wouldn't be a big deal if it was just cosmetic, but the touch screen doesn't respond at all. It turns on fine and the power button works, but nothing on the screen.

    I took it to a local Metro PCS, as they can sometimes repair cracked/broken products for cheap. They charged me $95, spent 2 weeks on it, and couldn't fix it, but won't tell me why. I've heard there are multiple versions of the screens, but I'm afraid there might be some other reason. They refunded my money, at least.

    Now I'm worried. I can't afford to send it in to Asus (they want $220, but I can buy another tf300 for $230 at Best Buy). There is another repair shop in my area called Fixology, and they said they can try to fix it for $130 but won't refund the money if it doesn't work. Is there something else that can go wrong when dropping the tablet? Something internal? Is this something I can do myself?

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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    It seems to me that your best course of action would be to suck all your data off the tablet onto a PC and then buy a replacement from Best Buy: -

    i) It's not going to cost you much more than getting Asus to repair your original tablet

    ii) If you go with the second local repair option and it doesn't work, you've just dropped over 50% of the cost of option i) - and you still have to buy a replacement.

    iii) If you can find a replacement screen (at $??) you may be able to change it yourself - but there's still the possibility you will be down by the cost of the screen and still facing option i) anyway.

    iv) Even if either of options ii) or iii) worked out for you, you'd still be left with a tablet that potentially has a bent frame or bezel in one corner (this may be why the original repairer couldn't do the job), which may lead to another cracked screen in the future due to the longer term effects of stress being applied to the glass.

    v) You would end up with a spare tablet which you could either keep for parts yourself or sell on E-Bay as a parts-only device to offset the cost of the replacement.

    If this was my decision - definitely the replacement tablet (it may even be covered under your household insurance).
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