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    Unusual replacement part needed

    Hello All,

    I am have been scouring the interwebs for a replacement digitizer bracket for my TF300t for a few days now with no luck. This is the part which is wrapped around and mounted behind the digitizer around the LCD. Any thoughts on where to find one?

    Why is this guy looking for a part which he should have?

    <story time>
    Guy kicked my laptop bag while leaving an early morning flight.
    This cracked the LCD, not the digitizer. Called Asus about replacement. Not covered.
    Ordered new LCD. Got new LCD. Took the thing apart.
    Tried to separate LCD from Digitizer. Digitizer breaks and cuts hand.
    Girlfriend freaks out while I dig glass out of my hand. Digitizer (and mystery part), and LCD take a ride down the garbage chute.
    Ordered a new digitizer to go with shiny new LCD. No Bracket.
    </story time>

    Any miracle workers out there?

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    You could try ebay for something like this.... Not Working as Is Asus TF300T Tablet | eBay

    Then just use it for scrap parts.
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