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Thread: micro Hdmi

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    micro Hdmi


    I can't connect my tf300t to the lcd-tv with micro hdmi/hdmi cable.
    What can I do

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hiya nahumond, Welcome. This problem pops up alot. I mean alot. I'm not sure what to tell you so many variables.
    Could be anything from a simple fix (just a cold boot or a cable swap) to a more time consuming resolve (a factory reset).
    The search feature here is somewhat limited, but if you googler search using 'your question' with '' you'll find better results.
    Have a read thru that link and hopefully you'll get a few suggestions you can start to try...and post back, let us know how it's progressing. Cheers.

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    Don't lay all the blame on the Transformer. I bought my TF300 whilst traveling. Tried it on the HDMI input of a seemingly brand new hotel TV and it worked fine. Thus, the output from the TF300 and the cable are fine. Got back home, tried it on my 7 year old TV - no joy. No new apps or OTA updates between the two trials.

    Since I really haven't had a need to use the Pad to play something on the TV, I haven't looked further. I will note that the Hotel TV was NTSC and my home TV is PAL. I've done no research to see if that has any impact on HDMI.



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