Droid X phone I have used with Bluetooth since I got for connecting with my Roadster speaker phone and an earpiece when in my office. So if I connect the DroidX with my TF300 I sometimes I can use the phone for internet access, on the tablet the "use for internet access is checked". Not putting in tethered mode as it says I have to pay for that. Just fire up Bluetooth and they connect and I go to the tablet browser and there is the internet. Sometimes it doesn't connect to the internet. The only problem is the phone pretty much freezes when I am connected to the TF300. Touch screen becomes inactive, icons disappear and sometimes it reboots. Even when I shut down the bluetooth on the TF300 it sometimes takes a few minutes for the phone to recoup and get back to normal.

Unchecking the "use for internet access" gives same problem.

And ideas?