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    Screen lock unable to do anything when not docked to keyboard

    I just purchased this new and got it delivered today. Right out of the box: thriled it was so easy to get going (i.e. plug it in, put in our wifi network password, off I go!). Got a pleasant message my tablet was ready to use literally about a minute after plugging it in.

    I let it charge for a bit - maybe 15-20 minutes - then tried to get into it. By then the home screen had a lock icon which would not allow me to swish it anywhere. Tried and tried. Then I figured I'd power it off and on again. Still no luck after doing that 4-5 times. Out of curiosity I then docked it with the keyboard. Voila it then had an unlocked home screen. But why would it work with the keyboard and not without?

    Called tech support. That person told me to unplug it and let the battery drain completely. Said it was due to a software update problem. Huh? I just got the darn thing! How could a brand new unit just powering up and installing all the apps and software go wrong already? I kind of don't want to follow his advice to drain the battery totally already. Sheesh I just juiced it up. And doesn't it degrade the battery every time you let it drain completely?

    Any and all out there correct me on this.

    I was so thrilled to plug it in and get a message making me think this thing was a breeze to set up, only to end up the day not being able to use it and feeling disappointed. Surely I am missing something?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    This is at least the second person who had this issue. Here is the first:

    Looks like they did a series of factory resets to get it to work.

    Also, I moved this to the Transformer Pad 300 Help forum so other TF300 users will notice it.

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