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    Thank you, my dock is coming today and this is a great concern to me.
    Steve M
    Asus Transformer Prime TF201
    Samsung Galaxy S III

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    Quote Originally Posted by LulzCakes View Post
    what do you mean by half unsupported?
    You know how you'll see people pick up a laptop and walk across a room with the top open and one hand underneath?
    That's what I call half supported. If you're going to carry your dock/tablet somewhere, say across a room to show someone something...don't pick it up by the tablet alone, or the keypad alone....I think you'll be asking for trouble. Either close the lid, or put a hand on where the tablet meets the dock and the other below the keypad. I don't mean to say that you have to baby the thing, but you can't treat it like a one-piece lap top either, and to be honest, you sorta forget it's not a laptop or netbook. (yes it's that good) The hinge does not like torque, neither does hard glass...if you minimize that, odds are you'll have a crack free screen for quite some time.


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