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    Unhappy Brand New, 24 hours olds, and screen doesn't come on

    I just purchased the Transformer TF300 on the recommendation from a friend and after reading several write ups on it.
    I charged it over night and the power button now shows a green color. I went to turn it on and a 'glow'/back light appears when it appears to be turning on but the screen never comes up so I don't know whether it is on or not. I held the power button down to make sure it turned off and the screen went black, but a few seconds later the glow came back. I can't tell whether it is turned on or not since the screen won't come up but when I plug it in the power button light is still green.

    Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Have I gotten a defective Transformer?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I would try using the Reset Hole on the left side of the device (between the microHDMI and microSD card). Press that for 3-5 seconds. It is possible you got into APX mode (for transferring files with the device not in the OS using NVFlash. Great if you bricked a device). APX mode is Hold VOL UP and tap POWER. Same way to get out, but does not always work.

    Also, try holding the power button for 30 seconds, release, hold it for 3 seconds and see if it boots.

    Finally, if that does not work, hold VOL DOWN and POWER for about 12-15 seconds until some small text appears in the top left.

    Here is a list of more tips and tricks, but I think I pulled all the relevant ones out in this post.

    Asus Transformer 16 GB & Dock - Munching on Jelly Beans
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