Hi guys.

questions for you ... Now, I'll try and describe the probs I faced and the solutions I found. I'll ask you the questions after.

I own a tf300t connected to a nokia n8 (yes, symbian!!!) or to a NetGear modem/router dual band (think is DNGD 3300) ADSL2+.

Problems I had: 1) could never take connection to home wifi for granted
2) tethering to my nokia n8 was a nightmare.

1) let's start with home wifi ... now, let's say i switced on my tab and wifi, and it worked. ok, but sometimes you have to switch your wifi off - say you're away for a week. After I switched my wifi back on, connection to my pad was ... random. I mean, sometimes it connected, sometimes it didn't connect. So I started fighting with the pad, as other devices could connect to wifi. I tried everything in your guide... pad wifi on/off ... pad on/off ... cold boot ... router on/off ... all combinations, standing right in front of modem/router. But could not put the word END to the fight (unless I surrendered).

2) same with tethering to my N8 Nokia. The only SW which could work it was 'Joikuspot' ... And that was an even worse fight, as you could't tell which of the 2 devices was not working.

Then after a lot of fighting, I went into joikuspot config. And started playing with it. One breakthrough was setting the encryption to 'WEP open', and key type to HEX. With that the pad could connect more frequently. But you know, when you NEED to connect, you don't want to mess with odds, but you want to be SURE you can connect.
After some more (bloody :-) ) fight I finally found the SOLUTION, that is:
set 802.11 channel to 6.
IF encryption is wep open and key type is hex, and channel is 6, I CAN ALWAYS CONNECT to joikuspot.

That lead the way to the solution to my home wifi issue ... Again, I went into the modem/router wifi settings (with my home PC), and played with them.
I tried to change all 802.11 channels ... Tried many times all free channels (using wifi Analyzer on the tf300t), staying away from the busiest channels. So, ch from 7 to 14 are 99% free, while ch 1 and 6 are always busy.
Before surrender, I set the ch to 1 ... On ch 1 there are 3 more wifi signals, so that ch is quite busy. But that is the ONLY channel which guarantees connection to my pad.

The only and simple question is

WHY????? why is it ch 6 with smartphone, and ch 1 with home wifi? What does it depend from?

Please help, as this question doesn't allow me to sleep (like before, when connections problems kept me awake for hours...)

Thanks in advance for any reply.

By the way, this all takes place in northern Italy (maybe this helps).