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The fastboot erase userdata finishes a bit too quickly. It doesn't take long, but .8 seconds??? Not sure if that was successful....
Try the fastboot format userdata again and give it some more time. Sounds as if you interrupted it? Did the cmd window report that it was finished? Define: "froze for a bit"
See the problem is that you cannot install a custom recovery like TWRP because you did not unlock the bootloader. And you can only do that with a running system and the Asus unlock tool.
Without custom recovery you cannot install a custom rom either.

As long as you have the firmware file on your microSD the stock recovery will find it and flash it whenever you enter recovery. Just keep that in mind.

But something is preventing Android from booting and I cannot figure out what - unless one of the partitions (and most likely /data) is totally borked.
What the heck - run these commands one by one
fastboot erase userdata
fastboot erase cache
fastboot reboot

Take the microSD out before you reboot, just to eliminate it as a source of trouble....
Apologies for being a bit unclear. What I'd meant with "froze a bit" was that after I used the command "fastboot format userdata" the tablet froze--the green blinking on "RCK" stopped--so I had to restart it by holding the power button. This didn't happen during the "fastboot erase userdata" process. During this I did not interrupt the process. There was not a lot of data on the machine to begin with anyway so it couldn't take that long. Maybe I messed up by using the format command, I hope not. It didn't change things for better or for worse anyway.

Anyway, I've tried all the commands you've listed above and nothing worked. Same old same old "encryption unsuccessful" message. It seems to be borked" as you say.

Should I throw in the towel or do you have something else I can try? Anything else would be greatly appreciated but I would understand if we've exhausted all options.

Thanks again!