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    new owner of TF300T and have questions

    i bought my tablet a week ago and have some questions on things i've seen and don't understand..

    first, why did i keep getting prompted for not having Adobe Flash every time i brought up the browser? on top of that, when i said go look for it, Google Play (i think) was started and it errored out saying 'app not found'. if it's not available, why is the browser looking for it? i ended up installing Flash Player Open which i don't think is the actual Adobe version but once i did the browser quit asking for it and videos do stream. is this what i should be using? Android Armour (which i also installed) keeps flagging it as a virus.

    speaking of Android Armour, it installed and runs OK but it only runs in Portrait mode (tablet turned long side up and down) and it seems to think my tablet is a phone which may explain the portrait mode. again is this the anti-virus i should be using?

    what are the default/factory installed 'desktop' icons that come up on first use? there is one on page 2 that i know used to be there but is now missing and i can't remember what it was or what i could have done to get rid of it. here are the icons i have..

    page 1: Browser, YouTube, Camera, Gallery, SuperNote, Play Music, Play Store, Gmail
    page 2: Google Services, Polaris Office, MyLibrary, MyNet, MyCloud, [missing spot], File Manager, Settings
    page 3: TegraZone

    any idea what that missing icon is supposed to be?

    how do i activate the web cam? i have 2 cameras - 1 in front and 1 in back. since they are different MP rates, i have to assume the one in front is the web cam (the one that faces you) and the one in back is the regular camera. anyway, in Skype and some social sites when i try to turn on my web cam to talk to someone, the web cam is not recognized. any ideas?

    and one more thing. what am i supposed to do with the micro sd slot? there seems to be no adapters for this thing that will allow me to use full size cards in that slot. i certainly do not want to have to buy the smaller cards simply because of the size - could lose them too easily. rather use the full size cards i already have.

    thx for any help..
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    Right here we go, Adobe flash is no longer supported under jellybean but you can still re-install it, Use the google search engine & type Adobe flash player 11.1 apk. Download it to your tab & install it, You will find the apk in your download folder in the app drawer (Tap the six squares top right on the home screen).

    Next, Anti virus software. You can use either AVG,Lookout or Zoner antivirus, Amongst others... These can be downloaded from the app store.

    If the virus software you are using is flagging that app as dangerous then remove it, It more than likely contains Milware,Spyware or Phishing code.

    There is no other icon missing, Its as you describe...

    Update: There is a missing icon, Maps

    Skype i don`t use so someone else will have to chime in with that...

    You tablet will only accept MicroSD cards, But they lock in place so its unlikely you will loose them... Hope this helps some.

    If you need any more information Feel free to ask, Thats why were here...

    & Welcome to the forum...
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    Welcome Slipperman

    You have a tf300 but posted in the tf101 section, so I have moved your thread for you.

    If you click on this link - Guides, Tips and Tricks - you will find many threads that will help you with your browsing, flash & many other subjects.

    In addition the Master Help Guide & malware FAQ linked form my signature will also assist you further.

    Skype can be a tricky subject on the TF range - I'd suggest a trip to the Skype website to see if your tf300 is officially supported or not.

    Enjoy the forum

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

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    Forum guide - here ~~ T100 FAQs - here ~~ Cold boot - here

    Adobe Flash Player & Browser Guide here

    Master Help Guide - here ~~ FAQ malware - here ~~ FAQ e-reading - here
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    Have you checked the option enable video calling on the settings page in Skype? (near the end of the page).
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