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    Broken LCD/screen

    I've tried to find these answers before posting another sad screen story:

    I love, love, love my TF300 and had it in a super bulky padded case for 99.9% of it's life. I was editing many pics and finally wanted access to that tiny area in the corners that sit under the edge of the case - just for a little while. It was out of it's case for 10 whole minutes since it was purchased. I gently placed it on a desk before heading to answer the phone on the other side of the room. Bam, crash, boom! I run over to the brand new box fan which had fallen off a shelf next to the desk. I lift the fan, phew. NO broken pieces and the $24 fan still works, thank you!

    Get back on the phone call. I walk by the desk- see all these flashing lights and colors. I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut - my prized toy and best friend smashed to smithereens.

    That was last month and since I'm unemployed (slightly), I had not found it to be much of a priority. However, at the same time, I can't let $400 sit in a drawer wasting space. I am trying to determine the best next step.

    A local repair shop can't get parts (plus labor) for less than retail and I've searched online for replacement LCD and digitizers with thoughts of a home job. So far, I can only find plenty of digitizers but not much for LCD's. I cannot find ASUS customer support contact information off their website. I'm not generally an idiot but I sure do feel like one trying to find active links to their US phone number or even a way to find a service center nearby. Is anyone able to provide me with a phone number that rings and has some people at the other end?

    Does anyone know how to get the data off the broken unit and onto a new one?
    Does anyone know if I can use my laptop as a display for the tablet?
    Has anyone successfully replaced an lcd for the 300? I am thinking of buying a used tablet for parts.

    I'm a girl and fairly resourceful/intelligent but I only know just enough about electronics/computers to consider myself dangerous. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
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    Hello & welcome to the forums Hobie,

    Very sorry to hear about your tablet, I have a TF300T & I would be pure gutted if that happened to me! Do you have any house insurance that covers accidental damage? ... if so, you could claim on that.

    You could possibly get the info off if you hooked it up to an LCD television using a micro hdmi to hdmi lead, that would hopefully let you access all areas of the tablet ... all the best with it & let us know how you get on.
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