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What forum do you recommend to be hanging out in for news, advice and company?
Well, start with the Linux Mint forums http://forums.linuxmint.com/index.ph...bee203c02dde44
Then the ones for the applications you use most. I use Audacious for music, and finally found a fix for the "skipping" it has on older low-powered hardware--on the Audacious forum which I didn't even know existed. (Has to do with cache size, and bypassing PulseAudio so that you use ALSA directly). Been fighting that one on-and-off for 15 years, since it was XMMS! But it's a lot like the Android forums you're used to, same general rules, same attitudes about breaking them like we're doing now. BTW if I've never explicitly said so before, feel free to PM me if I can help, as I doubt we're adding much to the state of Android knowlege while we're promoting Linux Mint. Now if my gut has settled I'm going back to bed!