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Thread: TWRP Trashed my tab. ADB shows offline. Fastboot unresopnsive.

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    TWRP Trashed my tab. ADB shows offline. Fastboot unresopnsive.

    This is from an unresponded plea for help from a TWRP "update" for my unlocked TF300T. Shes been a good one but now is doing what the title says. If anyone out there can offer suggestions it would be awesome. I mean I've read everyplace!


    Hi folks. My rooted and unlocked tablet got a TWRP update to try a new rom. I was running KatKiss for around a year. I'm not unfamiliar with flashing and mods for routers, phones, and Androids. So here goes.

    I have read much of fixes before posting. So far, no joy!

    A reboot after updating TWRP just sits at the ASUS screen, shows the device is unlocked.

    Holding the power button until it switches off and then vol down and power on shows:
    Key driver not found Booting OS
    Android cardhu-user bootloader <1.00 e> released by "US_epad-" A03

    I get a winking RCK. RCK, android, wipe data options. Selecting it gives a:
    Starting Fastboot USB download protocol
    Booting Recovery kernel image
    Booting failed
    And a red Unrecoverable bootloader error (0x00000000).

    Restarting with vol down and powering up shows Asus Fastboot Interface with :
    As hardware id's. Started out as unknown device and I have used several ADB/Fastboot drivers after text searching the inf files.

    If I force an ADB driver I can adb devices and get a serial number and offline.
    Stopping the server and doing it all over again gives the same results.
    No fastboot ever. No response when I enter fastboot devices, using the fastboot driver or adb driver. Device manager will not show both devices, and I can get APX mode to work. But I'm pretty much thinking that is useless for me.

    If I remember correctly I had both fastboot and adb in my device manager before. I have a newly reformatted pc with win 7 64. Also have a 32 bit win 7 box.

    I wish I could give more preliminary info. But so far none of the sure fire methods have worked. It has been my assumption that if a device is soft bricked, you can usually get it working again

    Can anyone help? If only so I can get it working to get files off of it stuck in internal memory.

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    The unrecoverable bootloader error can be fixed by flashing the Asus stock blob in fastboot. But you need fastboot to do anything at this point.
    The tablet is (or should be) in fastboot mode when you see the screen with the 3 icons.
    Now you need to get fastboot working on your Windows machine and that can get a little frustrating, but you have to get it working. Here are 2 tools to help with it:
    [TOOL] [WINDOWS] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers -&hellip; | Android Development and Hacking
    [TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [8-28-15] | Android Development and Hacking

    I had good result with the 15 second installer on a Win 7 machine, but the Minimal adb fastboot tool is probably more up to date and it has a 64bit version. Otherwise try the 32bit, some fastboot versions don't work well with 64bit systems. And try different USB ports if you do not get any response on one of them. Reboot the Win machine after installing the driver too.

    Once you get a positive return with 'fastboot devices' you can run a buster99:
    Unrecoverable bootloader error but not Brick&hellip; - Pg. 2 | Asus Transformer TF300T

    Good luck!
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