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    Unhappy Updating CM 10.2 to newer 10.2 caused brick / bootloop

    Hi all. Been a long time since posting. I hope I've posted in the correct section. Please move if not.

    I don't know if I have what could be a common bootloop issue, or if it's unique and related to CyanogenMod. Here's what has happened...

    Back in October (2013) I decide to root my TF300T. All went well and I installed CyanogenMod 10.2 on it. I am pretty sure the exact version was cm-10.2-20131026-NIGHTLY-tf300t. I used TWRP for Recovery. However, using the built-in CyanogenMod Updates feature (in Settings > About Tablet > CyanogenMod Updates) I had updated to newer versions of CM 10.2 a couple times with no issues at all. Sorry, I cannot tell you what was the last version I had.

    However, last weekend (December 14th, 2013 to be exact) I decided to update it to another newer version of CM. That version of CM was 10.2-20131214. The TF300T rebooted as normal, but it got to the Asus bootscreen and stayed there. I was expecting to see TWRP, but it never came up. I couldn't get into Recovery manually (Power + Volume Down), nor could I turn the device off! I had to leave it to drain it's battery! Correction, I somehow turned it off, but I was not sure what combination of hardware buttons I pressed, having the USB connected to my computer, or using a pin in the reset hole. Someone with the same issue reported on a thread at the CM Forums that Volume Up and a pin in the reset hole does it. That thread is here: Cm-10.2-20131014 Bricked Mine! Bootloop! - Asus Transformer Pad Nightly/Experimental - CyanogenMod Forum I've just charged my TF300T up after leaving it drained all week, and can confirm this powering off method worked.

    So anyways, I've posted on the XDA Forums about this and on the CyanogenMod Forums but I haven't had much response other than finding out a couple other people are in the same boat. Until today I had thought the version of CM I was trying to update to (10.2-20131214) was responsible for this bootloop. I thought whoever is in charge of testing CM on the TF300T did not test this version of CM properly before making it available online. This theory is supported by the fact that this version of CM is NOT available on their download page. See here: CyanogenMod Downloads You'll see Dec 13th, 15th and 16th are available, but not 14th! I suspect this version was removed once it was found to be faulty. But really, who knows? I've been searching the Tf Forums and found a LOT of people have had bootloop problems, so I am now in doubt.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be amazing. Oh, and I'm no stranger to rooting Android. I've rooted all 4 Androids I've owed, my girlfriends 2 phones and several phones for friends.
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