So i have just recently unlocked and rooted my tf300 which is running 4.2.1 and flashed twrp 2.5 on it. I have been trying to install BAKED blackbean 8 on it. Everytime i boot it up it gets stuck on the first asus logo that says you device is unlocked in the top left. It either gets brighter or goes black for a second like its trying to do something and then gets stuck. I have looked EVERYWHERE on a fix for this but nothing works. I have tried everything from booting the boot.blob from fastboot to formatting the sdcard (which almost got me bricked). I always wipe the system, data, cache, and dalvik even multiple times. I know that it can take awhile for the first boot so i have waited for at least ten minutes each time. I have tried the latest cm 10.1 nightlies but they do the same thing. I am always able to restore my stock backups and even using fastboot to flash the official asus firmware worked great the one time I almost bicked it. I feel like i there is something that i dont know that i am suppossed to do. This is my first time flashing a rom so i would be very greatfull for any advice. Thanks in advance!