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    Question I have root and I am not sure what to do now

    Hello all, yes, this are going to be a very noob questions, but I do not want to end up with bricked device, so lets start.

    1. After OTA upgrading TF300T from 4.0.x to 4.2.1, it made my device absolutely useless, well I am gamer and lot of my games just start lagging, extremely lagging, i have made factorial, reinstal, but not helps at all, so I decided to make it hard way.

    2.I have never edited Android, so after studying lot of threats I have install adb, asus drivers and made a root via motochopper, which allows you root access but your bootloader will remain lock.

    3.But what now??? (next steps is only my theory)

    Can i just unlock bootloader via Unlock Device App: Unlock boot loader from ASUS support site (after success it will reboot or something) and then flash ClockworkMod recovery via ROM Manager? And then I just download CleanRom and put it on sd and just flash it and it will be all?

    As I said, I have no idea, no idea which rom is the best fo gaming, which ClockworkMod recovery is the best for my device and if that Unlock Device App will working ... or even if my theory is right.

    Thank you for answers It will helps me lot
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