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    TF300T with CyanogenMod 10.1 on Android 4.2 Bootloader


    For those of you interested, i have succesfully flashed this ROM to my tablet, and its working very good. I have not found any major bugs at all. Only a few minor, like the camera not working propperly.

    So if you want to try a CyanogenMod on your tablet, i can say that this one is working. My tablet does also seem faster then it was before, and there are alot of very cool new settings with this ROM. One thing i like the most is that i can see a huge improvement in the stock browser.. Somehow its very much faster now then before. But i can be induvidually, not all have problems with their stock browser, but i had. But no more

    If you want to try the ROM you can get it form here: [ROM][4.2.2][CyanogenMod 10.1 Unofficial][TF300T(G) with BL 4.2][2013-05-09] - xda-developers

    Anf if you want google aps to work, (like Google play) (Gmail) ect. You need to flash the Gaps also, i got mine from Goo manager. (installed from Google Play) But remeber to download the Gaps before you flash the ROM, because Google Play will be gone when you have flashed the ROM

    Happy flashing.

    If you want me to make a step by step guide on how i did my flashing, let me know.

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    Hey, really interested in flashing CM10....but is the keyboard dock fully supported? Saw a vid on youtube showing the trackpad and softkeys weren't fully mapped...but that was some time ago. Has this changed?

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    Yes the dock is supported on both CM 10.1 and 2 all of the transformer related settings including power modes are located in the advanced settings. I have seen some smaller Roms where the keyboard top row shortcut buttons don't work but generally it will be listed in first post instructions. If you are already unlocked and have a recovery make sure you are using the 4.2 boot loader recovery package as allmost all of the current Roms require that. Also disregard the requirement for CWM in any posts as it will brick all 4.2 devices .

    Now looking back and realizing this was your first post you may not have any idea about unlocking, rooting etc. The tf300 is a bit trickier than other devices because of the frequent boot loader changes. Take a look at the guide on xda [GUIDE][11/08]Update/Recovery/Root/Downgrade Android 4.2.1 on Unlocked/Locked Devices - xda-developers for all the details then check out the tf300 android development section for all the ROM pages Transformer TF300T Android Development - xda-developers
    *I apologize for any spelng mistakes. I frequently answer questions on my phone. The content is (usually) good, but the words may not be intelligible. If you cant understand my post... check back later or call me out on it.
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