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    Another Unlock/Root/Huh? Question

    Sorry to rehash what seems to be the same old question, but I wasn't completely clear on what I was reading in earlier posts. I have my brand new (to me) refurbed TF300 on the way (although after reading about hardware issues I'm wondering if getting a refurb wasn't pilot error), and I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to root or not. I've been living in a rooted world, with both my phone and my limping old gTablet rooted and bouncing between different ROMS. Part of the reason for the new Transformer, though, is the fact that I'm sick and tired of trying to make custom ROMs/patchwork systems into daily drivers when both they (and in my case my hardware) aren't up to the task. Because I want this thing to be as stable as possible I was thinking that I might not want to mess with it in ANY way (including rooting), but after doing without TB and JuiceDefender for two weeks on my last new phone, that was about as long as my resolve lasted.

    So my question for you Transformer vets from a Transformer noob. Do I NEED to root? This forum is the first I've heard of an ASUS backup it anything on the order of Titanium Backup? Is it enough? And is the battery life of the tablet really such that I won't be feeling weepy about missing JuiceDefender?

    Secondly, if I DO decide to root -- this is really the first I've had to deal with the unlocking-a-bootloader notion. It seems from other posts that I can root without unlocking the BL, and potentially not even void a that the case? Has anybody here gone cold turkey from a misspent life of rooted crime only to find themselves happy running a stock Transformer, or is that a pipe dream?

    Thanks for any input you all can provide...I've learned that leaning on other peoples painful knee scrape lessons can help me walk with a little bit less of a limp.


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    I went a whole month with my TF101 without ROMing it. I technically never rooted it as I just wen't straight for the custom ROM on it. I don't think it is all that necessary, but it is a lot of fun for me to play with and I do use the root for a quite a bit of things, though I don't find any need for juice defender and haven't ever used a backup program other than the nandroid backups from my recovery. I keep my documents backed up on my home samba server and if I change ROM's I just re-install all the apps manually. I would give it a shot stock as the TF300/700 can be a bit finicky with unlocked bootloaders (the tf101 never had a locked bootloader) and if you do decide to unlock the tablet make sure to read up well on XDA before doing so, there have been plenty of people that have messed up their bootloaders and hard bricked tablets with the tf300.
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