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    Cool Update on solar charger

    I received one of my two solar/battery chargers yesterday. This was the one I originally asked whether or not it would charge the tablet. To my great surprise, it works! After the solar charger was fully charged, I ran my tablet down to 32% and plugged it into the charger overnight. A smidge over 7 hours later, it was up to 61% (about 4%/hour). Yes, the wall charger works much better, but if you´re in the middle of nowhere (it happened to me) and no way to charge your tablet, this will do in a pinch. No, it doesn´t set the world on fire with its speed, but it´s something I can carry on my bicycle tours and use to charge the tablet at night while camping. This one is 50K mAh, so it will charge (slowly) my tablet about 7-8 times, or my IPOD, cell phone and handlebar speakers a WHOLE lot more (and numerous combos, of course). As far as I understand, you can´t charge and use the tablet at the same time (the screen has to be off), but as a backup, it can´t be beat. It´s small (4.75" x3" x1") and about 1.5 pounds.

    So, I guess the answer is that solar chargers will charge a tablet, but you have to have patience; however, there is one out right now I think is 50k also and it´s multi-voltage, so it would charge faster. Newest wish list item... Regardless, I´m really thrilled that I have a back-up option. The second charger that is coming will be 200k mAh. It won´t be any faster, but the number of charges it´ll!

    FWIW, I´m not attached to a company, receiving a handout, etc, for writing about my experiences (in case I sound overly enthusiastic). I´m truly a technodino who´s just happy not to have blown up her tablet with stupidity!

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    Glad to read it works for you. I think we were a little confused as to what you were asking originally, because we could have told you at the beginning that anything that is better than 5v/500ma output would charge your tablet with the screen off, but it would only charge very slowly as you have found.

    At the end of the day, whether your power source is a/c, "inverted" DC, another PC or a solar powered battery bank, it shouldn't matter. Asus designed the tablet to be powered by a 5v/500ma source at 2-4% per hour and wanted to provide a faster charge via their normal a/c charger - hence the 15v spec of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeshor View Post
    That is the reason no solar panel I'm aware of will work. Optimal output is 15.0v. I suggest getting an inverter for your 12v output in a vehicle's cigarette lighter. They are pretty inexpensive.
    Yes pretty expensive but I think effective too.. I got one charger and got really good outcomes..
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