I don't know if it was already discussed and solved (sorry), but combining USB (it's a short word so it's ignored) with another word using the search system couldn't find anything ;(

I was just wondering if someone found a solution to the power (and mounting) going off while the tablet is locked (some might say sleeping). It's really annoying, sometimes I just want to charge my phone a little bit, since the dock+tablet gives me (us) a lot of power, actually more then I need (thank the God and ASUS for that).

The other thing is the un-mounting/mounting, I very often click the status bar after unlocking (some might say waking) the tablet to check the messages and other stuff that goes there, and the tablet take some seconds to mount the SD Card or a USB flash drive (or an external HDD), almost every time I do that (go hunger to the status bar), I'm surprised by the mounting pop-up and my finger is already half way to the screen, sometimes I get to avoid, most of the time I don't even see the mounting icon, I just click on it and the File Manager (or Explorer, mine is translated, don't know it's name in english) is opened. It's really annoying.

Is there a solution to this problem (for me it's a problem)?

I know that it's a good thing in some cases, like preventing people to drain power from the batteries when they forget a flash drive or a USB attached, but I really don't care about it, as I said, I don't stay that much away from a power outlet