Most of these are listed as used in "Like-New" or refurbished condition. I bought two -- the second one I purchased was listed as Used, Like-New and "Box may be damaged" for $245. What I ended up with was literally a factory sealed T100TA-C1-GR (64gb, Intel z3775 @ 1.46 GHz) with an ultra-slightly damaged corner of the box. I am very happy.

Unfortunately, the first one I purchased was $285 and came to me with only the tablet and keyboard -- no charger or charge cable. I couldn't get the tablet to charge using any of my other micro USB chargers, so I returned it.

So you may get a super great deal or you may end up with garbage. The good news is that Amazon has a great return policy and if it isn't as described or missing parts, they'll pay for the return shipping. Good luck.