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    Is installing Windows 10 64 bits on T200TA even possible??

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to install win 10 64 bits on my T200TA for some time now (Moderators please do NOT merge this tread with my original post about this).
    To problem I faced trying this is that I can't install the 64 bits version when the 32 bits version of win 10 is on my system.
    For some reason I get the notification: This App is not working on this device. contact your software ... bla..bla..bla.

    So I wonder: Is it even possible to install Win10 64 bits on the T200TA??
    The system shows me that I have a x64 prosessor. So I would think: yes that can be done.
    The pinned guids here about this do not talk about a 32 or a 64 bits version.
    I think they should.

    My question to you all is: If you have a T200TA and managed to get Win 10 64 bits running .... how did you do it?
    Did you installed it with a USB device created with the Windows Media creation tool?
    Did you go back to Win 8.1 first?

    By reading your reply's I hope to get a bit more insight on how to do this.
    So please reply if you got it working.

    Thanks in advance!

    [EDIT: I have the T200TA 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage and 500 GB HD in the keyboard dock.]
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    I did some further reading: To install a 64 bits OS... Do I need a 64 bits BIOS version??
    I'm reading that this is part of the UEFI specifications.
    32-bit Windows (x86) is installed on 32-bit UEFI. 64-bit Windows (x64) is installed on 64-bit UEFI. This is part of the UEFI specification, which dictates that the underlying firmware match the OS runtime (easier for firmware interfaces).
    If this is true... Were can I find the 64 bits version to flash my bios?



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