I had this blue screen after I upgraded to Windows 10 I kept getting KNODE_EXEPTION_NOT_HANDLED when I undock the tablet. It also happened at other random times.

I found two solutions for this, the ease one, and the hard one:

The easy one:

1. Click on the battery on your task bar then click Power & Sleep settings
2. Under related settings, click on additional power setting.
3. Click on one of the buttons shown in the picture
4. click "change settings that are currently unavailable"
5. At the bottom there should be a quick startup check box, uncheck it if it already isn't.

if it keeps crashing, here is the hard one, or should I say annoying one:

1. Right click your start button
Screenshot (6).png
2. Expand the first category, right click of the first item and click update software.
Screenshot (7).png
3. Click on the first option.
4. continue doing this until you finish.
note: If you install a driver and windows asks to restart, restart, don't wait till you finish.
note: If your system crashes while trying to install a driver, try again after the system reboots, don't give up!

Did this help anybody? Anybody has better fixes?