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    T100TAF w/20gb hard drive can't install Windows 10, not enough space


    I'm trying to upgrade a friend's ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF-B1-BF from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. However, when I try the upgrade, it tells me it can't, because there is not enough free space to perform the upgrade. The HD is 20gb. It appears that the OS and software are taking up about 10gb. So, that leaves 10gb of space. It says it needs 16gb of space to upgrade to Windows 10.

    How do I get around this? How do I get Windows 10 on my friend's T100TAF-B1-BF?

    I apologize if this has been answered already, but my search of the forums didn't turn up anything on it.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum

    Bottom line is your friend bought a 32gb machine which is too small for a Windows machine. You have no choice. You have to make the space or simply do a clean install.

    Follow the advice in this guide and you won't go far wrong...
    [GUIDE] Windows 10 - Simple Upgrade Definitive Guide for all Windows 8.1 Asus models!

    For a clean install, follow this one...
    [GUIDE] How to Clean Install Windows 10 and Install Drivers

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your reply!

    Your mention of the machine actually being the 32gb model (not 20gb) makes me think that the reason the C drive is only showing a capacity of 20.8gb is that it's hiding the other 11.2gb, which also tells me that's where the OS might be. Now, I'm wondering if the 10gb being taken up on the visible portion of the drive is actually a backup of the OS. Do you know if this is the case? And, if this is the case, is there something published here on the how to get rid of the backup? This would create enough space to install Windows 10.

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    Don't you love good intentioned crap......

    Win 10 is EASY on the t100 (t100taf etc) and I'm using it now.

    The solid state memory is 32Gb but divided into 20Gb usable and 12Gb recovery.... but this doesn't matter.... it does however mean a clean instal and not an upgrade instal... but that is easier anyway.

    1st copy the whole solid state disk to a backup... both sectors... I did it using paragon hdd manager (all versions work)... its a safety backup in case you want to go back... its not necessary but is recommended.

    go to microsoft win 10 site (proper microsoft not another site) and create a win10 install media usb stick (needs about 4gb... I used an 8gb stick) its automatic

    go into bios (f2 on startup) and set to boot from usb

    now insert usb and reboot

    it will do it all for you.... automatically and uses your old win8 info to verify

    you do NOT need the dock attached, so it can be removed to protect it... BUT its better left attached and win10 will recognise but NOT alter it in any way

    store the win10 usb stick as your recovery media in case its needed.

    delete the old windows folder if you're sure everything is ok (IF it creates an "old windows" folder

    win10 is very small when clean installed but install programs to the flash drive (micro sd card pref 128Gb) if the option arises during program installation (32Gb isn't very big)

    the clean instal creates ONE Hdd (32Gb) and NOT the original 2 sections (12gb and 20gb)




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