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  1. i am looking for a camera app that will allow various FPS rates,for slow-motion

    I am looking for a camera app that allows different FPS rates so i can take slow motion video. Please recommend one. Thanks!
  2. If only Lavasoft made an Android version of...

    If only Lavasoft made an Android version of Ad-Aware. That is the #1 malware scanner I use on my PC. I get awesome detection rates, compared to Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Norton, etc. It finds lotsa...
  3. Malware scanning from Windows context menu

    I believe i have malware on my tablet, as it's acting quite quirky. The best detection rate, as far as malware scanning, that I have had involved using Lavasoft's Ad-Aware. Since there is no...
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    Please tell us the name of such a screen...

    Please tell us the name of such a screen recorder. All the ones I've seen on the Google play store don't work unless your tablet is rooted.
  5. trying to set up DLNA streaming with yhe mynet app

    I have a blu ray player that has an ethernet port. It's a Sony BDP-S185. My router is on the other side of the room, and I was tired of connecting an ethernet cable wayyyy across the room to watch...
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    Resetting TF300T to factory settings

    To do this, should I use wipe data? Please advise. My spell checker issues are still there. Cannot turn off spell checker to save my life. Even if I untick it in settings, it's still on. Also,...
  7. Weird part is that even with spell checker...

    Weird part is that even with spell checker unticked, I still can't misspell words without this TF300T tablet correcting things. Any ideas?
  8. i have spell check unchecked, but it is still active. crazy!!

    Anyone know a solution on how to fix this? Or maybe it's just another problem with the new Jelly Bean upgrade.
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    Hi. I am using the virtual keyboard on the...

    Hi. I am using the virtual keyboard on the tablet.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll just...

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll just do a factory reset.
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    keyboard problem

    I recently have had this problem come up. When i am typing something, the keyboard will insert an extra of the last key i pressed. I think it has to do with a recent update. Maybe it might be my...
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    can i use an animated gif as wallpaper?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  13. i would like to reinstall the 4.2 jelly bean update

    When i went to hard-reset my tablet, it said a driver was not found, and so i need to reinstall the 4.2 update again. Please advise.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions! I will have to...

    Thank you for the suggestions! I will have to send it to Asus as it's the best way.
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    How do i get my TF300T repaired?

    Do i just call ASUS and they will set up an RMA? Is that how it works? I think mine is physically damaged as i dropped it twice in the past month. Clumsiness sucks! My single core laptop is...
  16. Awesome! Many thanks!

    Awesome! Many thanks!
  17. this tablet is it possible to modify the DNS server?

    I am trying to switch my DNS server to one of the Google servers. Can i do it with this tablet, or through my router? Please advise.
  18. how do i change my network settings like RWIN, MTU, MSS, and other parameters?

    Anyone know a way to tweak these settings?
  19. All i can say is, "What a difference!!!" Thank...

    All i can say is, "What a difference!!!" Thank you! I downloaded Equalizer. A great improvement on my Tablet. Now to try it on my Sidekick.
  20. Modding the TF300T so that the volume on music is very high

    I have this tablet, which is Android. I also have a Samsung Sidekick 4G, which is also Android. I want a mod, or even an app that will allow me to turn up the volume on music WAY high! I am not...
  21. need to send in my pad for repairs. where is the best place?

    I am thinking getting a ticket number and sending it to Asus, RMA style. I am having all sorts of issues with it. I just did a factory reset yesterday, and i am getting 'Page Has Become...
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    google voice and improvements

    I have been trying to use google voice to write a short story or something. Sometmes it detects the correct word, sometimes it doesn't. Let's hope they improve things! Anyone have any tips?
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    how do i remove some widgets?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  24. which setting do i change to prevent my tablet from guessing which word i wanna type?

    I had changed it months ago, but I forgot how. I just had to do a factory reset.

    Thanks in advance.
  25. Anyone know any optimization techniques?

    My tablet is acting a bit sluggish, and I did a factory reset a few hours ago. I already updated to Jelly Bean. Any settings modifications to speed things up?
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