If your using a Mac and TF this could be a solution for you.

If you live outside the US you are well aware that certain websites do not allow you access. In fact, I could not download Amazon's Free App Of The Day. I keep getting a message "not available in your region".

Yesterday, I decided to research a VPN Provider. I found 2 that were reasonably priced. I chose one and it worked fine on my TF. Then I tried it on my Macbook Pro running Lion 10.7.1 only to find out that Apple has changed the way they handle VPN's and I could not get my Mac to connect.

I contacted the VPN's support Dept. They gave me some workarounds that did not work. I went to Apple support and found numerous threads but no solution.

I canceled my account and tried the second VPN. To make a long story short... Same result.. TF connected but my Mac would not.

I started researching VPN's again and came across PandaPow on the Market. I read all there was on the Market and went to their website.

I sent an e-mail to support explained my experience and asked if their service would work for me.

Within minutes I received a response. They said: yes

it will work on both your TF and Mac
you can connect with your TF and Mac simultaneously
you get 1 touch connect no entering your password every time you want to connect.
and here is a 1 day free trail check it out for yourself.

Sure enough it does work.

Too bad I missed all those free apps