I know that I have been away [ not posted ] for some time, but hopefully someone will be able to help me, albeit my problem is not Asus related. A while back I created a Homegroup between a Desktop machine Running Windows 7, and two Laptops running Windows 10, and although a bit creaky it worked OK. Fairly recently I installed Norton 365, and all seemed OK, however, following the latest Windows 10 cumulative update the Homegroup has disappeared. All the machines can see each other on the Network, and the Laptop running Windows 10 over Windows 8, and the Desktop is fine, Homegroup is there on both. On the Laptop where the Homegroup is missing, it tells me that it is part of a Homegroup, but wont let me come out. Also it wont let me see the Homegroup password. I have googled this problem and there is quite a lot about it, and all sorts of suggestions about how to fix it but I find it very confusing. Can I use the Network only to do all my file sharing ?. Anyone any ideas ?