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    Installed An SSD Today. WOW

    Just thought I would share a wonderful experience with you.

    When it comes to my toys, I am strictly an Android guy. BUT.. When it comes to notebooks routers etc It's Apple.

    A couple of months ago I bought a new Mac Air. I could not believe how fast it is. A month later my wife glommed it and I was back using my 2009 Macbook Pro.

    I was messing around on Amazon and noticed they had a great price on the Samsung EVO SSD $130. I bought it along with an enclosure for my old hard drive.

    My old Mac is now faster and the battery lasts an additional 40 minutes. Boot time went from 1 minute 20 seconds to under 15 seconds.

    It's like have a new notebook. For $130. I will easily get a good couple of years before I cave for newer technology.

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    Hehe I know, i love my SSD as well There is also a difference between SSD's.

    You got MLC's and SLC's... (Yes, there are even more SSD's eMLC etc...)
    It's all about frequencies, the MLC's are cheaper, have 4 frequencies, (highest, high, lower,lowest). When you use it a lot those frequencies will be harder to read.. so it brakes down.
    SLC's have two frequencies, high and low... so when it's used a lot the SSD still can make the difference...

    MLC's cheaper but slower and breaks down faster.
    SLC's expensive but faster and doesn't break down fast.

    Good luck
    Outlook inloggen, start discovering Outlook



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