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Thread: Why iPad? (rhetorical)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zAlbee View Post
    That is some serious reading comprehension fail. I was obviously not saying that installing apps in unintuitive. Everyone installs apps*. The complaint was that the DropBox app did not have a feature to save files to local storage. How is having to install a third-party app to add this feature to the DropBox app intuitive?

    You're a stubborn fellow aren't you? Let me be equally flippant. App selection isn't a problem on Android. If you choose not to use the existing Android apps, you are just artificially limiting yourself. The app store model is outdated anyway, the future is HTML5 and web apps in the browser. Derp.

    *Reality: Not everyone installs apps. My fiancee is perfectly happy to use Safari on her iPad 2 to watch Youtube and browse, without a single app install. And she watches a lot of video.
    Wait - the Dropbox app doesn't have a save function?

    Yes it does.....

    There's a favorites button which saves the files for offline view....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSoundOfItAll View Post
    I'm unsure what events you're referring to, but I agree with your conclusion nonetheless..

    Android is a nice idea, but the execution has been horrendous..

    There's too many hands involved, and with each manufacture adding their own "flavor" it just creates minor divisions within the OS. I think google should of been more focused on pursuing developers, giving them a much better incentive to work on the platform, and making it easier for development to take place..

    Honeycomb was horrible, ICS made the transformers feel like new devices and was perfect I thought..why a few months later JB is needed, I don't know. Now the apps need to play catch up again,..will another cycle of crashes and "not updated for JB yet" take place?

    I think their bad decisions and stalling just potentially allowed MS to take away their niche in the tablet market. I don't think theres room for three OSs in the tablet world...especially if ms is easier to program for..

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    We live on a planet with....7 billion people who speak hundreds of different languages, in hundreds of different societies structured around different political systems, norms, and cultures.........yet there's not room for more than two OS' for mobile devices?

    Sorry, but that's just.....

    The whole world isn't Google and Apple, and there are different ways to do things from how two specific companies envision things.

    I'm not convinced that the Nexus 7 removes the need for other Android devices at all. It does some things well, and other things not well. It's a low cost choice, designed to appeal to the market that evidently exists for low cost content consumption devices. If it sells well, it'll help jumpstart the Android ecosystem for all of us.

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