Whom ever uses Comcast, has any one been having problem when using Comcast email, and you, and I click on email and in about a weeks time line Comcast says "my password or username is wrong" This has been a on going problem with a lot of users that use Comcast Email, can read it in the Comcast forum, up to about 54+pages of us having the problem. I go to reset my password with Cap, 8-16 letters, and #'s.
Then in about a week, BAM! got the notice again when I go to get in my Comcast email. It's happen 3 times with in the month.
No virus, no malware, and so on, no one using my email, so far on all of us.
Comcast said they do no reset our password if someone gets into our mail, or what ever they mean, some Comcast tech. support person are aware of the problem and some are not, depending whom I'm talking to, they just tell everyone don't know what the problem is and they seem to lean towards that it's all of our problems not Comcast, and keep telling us to use a password that no one can guess what it is and do it the right way as Comcast instructed us to with Caps, 8-16, #'s. We all been there and keep doing as per instructed always, been do this with Comcast for 30 years and other Comcast users too. Never had this problem for 30 years, I have had 2 different passwords in the 30 years, I changed it just because, not because i had too in the 30 years. Any answers, ideas?