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    T100TA-C1(S) won't update windows (8.1)

    Hi All,
    I have had this ASUS T100TA-C1 since 2015. A couple years ago I had a battery issues, and set it aside. Last year i finally got around to fixing the battery thing (IIRC I had to disconnect the battery and short something, but I forget the details now - it ended OK, the Transformer worked again). I eventually noticed it was not updating Windows. The last successful update was January 2019, and there were loads of FAILED updates before that date. I have tried resetting, refreshing and praying, but none of those were successful. AT one point I somehow for a way to recover from an internet based account (bitlocker maybe). That failed also. The BIOS version is reported as AMERICAN MEGATRENDS Version 307, total memory 2048MB. I would like to just wipe the drive. The 50GB HDD (or SSD, whatever it is) reports 30GB free. WINVER reports WINDOWS 8 version 6.3(Build 9600), but version 8.1 is mentioned in the splash screen, so I'm assuming it is actually 8.1. I have tried upgrading to WIN 10, that was also unsuccessful. Sooo, how can I totally wipe the drive and install a fresh copy of Win 10? Do I buy Win 10 before I start, or does that happen during a download from Microsoft? Any suggestions are appreciated. I couldn't figure out how to post a new thread in the FORUM, so I used this group. Sorry if it is ina[ppropriate.

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    If you go to MS win10 update you can make a USB key with the latest win10 version. Set the BIOS to boot from the USB key and you can do either a clean install or one that saves programs and data. Backup prior for any important data is the safe way to do this. Your win8 key will allow you to install win10. If you are not sure there are many instructions on line to walk you through the process.
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