After much research into tabs I'm excited to have decided upon a Transformer Prime with ICS installed. A week ago I knew nothing about tablets now I know very little but I have decided on Asus T-Prime for the flexibility, keyboard option and Android's openness.

But it's not for me... I'd love one for myself but this is for my wife for a birthday gift, I plan to surprise her with it so I hope she's not reading. I'm going to have to order it online and when it comes in I'd like to customize it or get some of the initial setups out of the way first to make it as easy as possible for her.

She has played with iPads and seems to like them. We share a natural disdain for Apple and have talked about finding an alternative. I've kept my discovery of that alternative from her until the day I give it to her. I think it'll be perfect.

My big question is...

Does anyone have any recommendations for apps I should pre-load or things I can do with images on the main workstation area to get setup? If there are instructions already printed somewhere telling new owners the top-things-they-should-do-with-a-new-Transformer-Prime... please let me know, drop me a link.