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    New Transformer owner :)

    Hey all,

    I got my TF last week and so far love every minute of it.
    Today I just grabbed keyboard for it and I'm pretty impressed with the whole thing.

    I am a newer Android user, my wife and I just got Evo's in Feb. We absolutely love them.
    I have mine all hacked up with CM7 and simply love using Android and my phone everywhere I got for many different tasks.

    I had been eyeing the tablets for a while since they came out, not seeing any point to them with having a phone already that did the same things. But then I got to thinking, maybe I could replacing my many-years-old laptop with it. I found one store that had the TF's in my city and tried it out for about 20 mins straight. I tested out the Acer Icona, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (felt nicer in my hands than the TF) and the Xoom (heavier, and just so so). I have to say the Galaxy was the nicest feeling of them all in my hands but I really liked the features that the TF offered that NO other tablet had.... so regardless of the other ones, I already knew this was the one I wanted. I found a store that had one in stock and picked one up the same week.

    I had one of the Entourage Pocket Edge tablets as my "Training Tablet" to see how I would like using one, and I found myself reaching for it more often than my laptop when I traveled. So I figured a tablet was right for me.

    I love how the TF (or just Honeycomb in general) networks easily with my home network (though I wish I could find some way to stream video files without having to copy them first), it plays everything I've tried playing, loaded all the apps I had on my phone (only a couple were funky looking, but should get updates soon) and got it all just the way I wanted it. I had a long list of games I downloaded from the Amazon Free Paid App of the Day in hopes of getting a tablet one day, and now I can finally see them on the big screen.

    I have plans to pickup an e-reader (Kobo Touch when it comes out, unless it sucks, then most likely the Nook Touch)... but so far I have been enjoying reading on the TF using the Nook app (best reader app IMO, landscape mode, 2 pages on the screen at a time just like a paperback). My only complaints about reading on the TF is that regardless of how nice that screen is on the TF, nothing beats a dedicated e-ink screen for reading long periods of time, its so much easier on the eyes. But it IS nice to be able to read in bed after the lights are out and not disturb the wife.

    I just picked up the Keyboard today and plugged a few things into it... an old USB travel mouse I have had forever that goes everywhere with me worked flawlessly... then I tried the little wireless Logitech mouse on it, and while it worked immediately, the X/Y axis was backwards.. not sure what was up there. I've not tried plugging anything else into the USB ports yet, as from what I've read it seems to pickup just about any thumb drives, cameras, usb hard drives, etc. The keys on it are a little rattly feeling, but otherwise the whole thing is very solidly built. I am very impressed with the hinge on it, its really solid. Having that 2nd battery on it too is great for traveling as well.

    I've also been looking for a sleeve to put it in. I took it to a few stores today to put it in some seems nearly ANY Netbook 10" sleeve will fit it (since even with the keyboard attached, its the same size as a 10" netbook). I tried a few from Case Logic, Encase, Swiss Gear and others and all fit perfectly. I've yet to find the perfect one I like, but have more options online now that I know what to look for in size.

    Anyhow, I look forward to browsing the forums, and so far have been lurking and learning already. I was able to use the forums for doing the manual Android 3.1 update (since mine wouldn't find it) and it flawlessly worked.

    Thanks for setting up this forum!

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    Welcome to the forum!!! Glad to have ya!!! I see you are no stranger to rooting and flashing. Fun stuff. We just got CM7 (finally) for the Droid X even though the bootloader is still locked. I'm waiting for a stable, final build before flashing. The X is my daily driver and I need it fully operable.



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