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Thread: Having Fun with Your Asus Tablet -- A Basic Step-by-Step Guide

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    Having Fun with Your Asus Tablet -- A Basic Step-by-Step Guide: June, 2013

    Having Fun with Your Asus Tablet--A Basic Step-by-Step Setup

    Disclaimer: This is my personal setup, reflecting my personal biases and is not meant to represent this forum nor to present a balanced point-of-view. It is my hope that members will find parts or all of my setup useful. I also need to point out that I'm not a gamer, Backgammon Free being about as wild as I get. Stating it plainly, games are not part of my fun so you'll seek other members with more expertise for your gaming needs. I also have Windows7 desktop/laptop and a XP desktop and use them as well as tools to enhance my Android experience. Lastly, I'm also not a sports fan so while there surely are a lot of great sports apps, I couldn't give you any advice.

    As you may or may not know, on your Android cell phone the sd card is an sd card while on your Asus tablet, internal memory is \mnt\sdcard while the sdcard is \removable\MicroSd or \removable\SD. Most developers are targeting their apps toward cell phones not tablets and given the glacial pace that Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out to other devices, Google fragmentation is here to stay.

    When I got my TF-101 in July of 2011 there were already a large number of apps that couldn't see my MicroSD card, not to mention apps that would see it in one version but not in the next. I didn't want to spread my data throughout internal memory based on the whims of this or that app. This setup is predicated on keeping your data in either the MicroSD card in the tablet and/or the SD card in the dock: docs, videos, pictures Ebooks, etc., selecting a file and choosing an application to open it. It is data centered rather than app centered. Apps store and associate your data according to their preferences so it becomes a quest to locate one's data, scattered here and there. In a data centered setup, data opens apps—not the other way around.

    The following setup methods work with both the TF-101 the Prime. TF300 and TF700, Infinity

    Rescan Media

    Rescan Media is a simple app will rescan your phone/tablet for new files that usually happens on a system re-boot. It only calls the android media scanner. It can be setup to start, scan and exit automatically. I use this app frequently to get my tablet to see the new files I've copied from my computer:

    Finding Files – File Digger

    File Digger: Can't find where you put this or that file? Launch File Digger, go to Custom, search and find. Brought to you from the folks from DVD Catalyst.

    Getting Started – ES File Explorer

    Go to the Play Store on your tablet or to on your PC and download ES File Explorer or send it to your tablet:
    • Download and install ES File Explorer.
    • Open ES File Explorer. At the top it will say: Local and below / (forward slash) on one side and sdcard on the other. Hit the forward slash /.
    • When the new set of folders appear, hit Removable.
    • Long-press Microsd and you will see it selected with a check mark. At the bottom of the screen you'll see copy, cut, delete, rename and more, three stacked squares. Select more and then Add to desktop.
    • This will send a Microsd shortcut folder to your home-screen. Note: it should be a blue folder but on some of my devices it has turned into the green Android robot symbol for unknown reasons.
    • Open the Microsd shortcut and you'll have full access to all of your data. Press a doc file and open with the office suite of your choice. Click on a video and open with Dice or Mobo etc.
    • After you install ES File Explorer, add a shortcut to ES Media Player by installing the following app in the play store. This should aid in streaming music:
    • If you hit the back arrow, after hitting the MicroSD folder, you can access your SD card in the dock.
    • You can also create a _Data folder in internal memory to store your personal files on the tablet..
    • Make sure your in the sd card menu where you see / and sdcard. Hit the +new sign at the bottom menu. Hit folder. Type in _Data and hit ok.
    • Open the _Data folder and repeat the process by creating the following subfolders: Docs, Videos, Ebooks, Tunes etc.
    • You can copy data from the Microsd card in the tablet, the SD card in the dock or from a USB flash drive in the dock
    • Long-press _Data and you will see it selected with a check mark. At the bottom of the screen you'll see copy, cut, delete, rename and more, three stacked squares. Select more and then Add to desktop.

    Getting Content in Your _Data Folder/SD Card

    It's a lot easier to copy videos, images, photos, documents, ebooks and most content from your desktop/laptop computer. I use a sd card reader, available for between five and ten dollars, to copy data to and from my computer as well as backing up data from my tablet. Here's one I'm using for $6.99 that works with both SD and MicroSD cards without an adapter:
    IOGEAR SD/MicroSD/MMC Card Reader/Writer GFR204SD (Green/Gray) $6.99 IOGEAR SD/MicroSD/MMC Card Reader/Writer GFR204SD (Green/Gray): Electronics

    Preparing MicroSD and SD Cards
    • Safely eject your MicroSD and SD cards or shut down your tablet and remove them.
    • Put each card in an sd card reader successively and put them in a desktop/laptop usb slot.
    • You can use either a 16gb, 32gb or 64gb MicroSD to comfortably hold all of your data. You can put a microsd card in your tablet and an SD card in the dock--if you have one.
    • Personally I find that NTFS formatted cards are more stable. All SanDisk Class 10 64gb MicroSD cards are exfat only and cannot be formatted to NTFS or any other format in Windows.. You'll need a third-party utility to convert it to Fat32:
      HPUSBDISK: I successfully converted one to Fat32 with the following free utility from a Russian Site. I didn't get a virus or spyware: PC/s.../HPUSBDisk.exe

      Alternately you can use Easeus Partition Master:
      Easeus Partition Master Free Edition - CNET

      Fortunately Kingston 64gb Microsd come formatted with exfat but can be easily formatted to NTFS in windows. They are similarly priced with SanDisk and deserve support for providing users with a choice.
      Kingston Digital 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 Flash Card (SDCX10/64GB)$57.99 Kingston Digital 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 Flash Card (SDCX10/64GB): Computers & Accessories
    • Create the following folders: Music, Photos, Docs, Video, Ebooks, Spoken Word, Images etc. Take some time to organize your data and create as many folders/sub-folders as needed.
    • Put your MicroSD and Sd card back in the tablet and turn it on.
    • Open the Data shortcut and you'll have full access to all of your data. Press a doc file and open with the office suite of your choice. Click on a video and open with Dice or Mobo etc.
    • After you install ES File Explorer, add a shortcut to ES Media Player by installing the following app in the play store. This should aid in streaming music:

    Open With...

    Go to your home-screen and press the _Data shortcut folder or the MicroSD shortcutand open your docs folder. Press any existing doc file and you will see a list of word processors that can open the word file,video file, music file... Use the same method in your music folder or videos or images.

    Fun by Category

    A note on apps: Echoing Good Intentions, I urge you to support developers with creative apps. Most of these donation apps only ask for a buck or two. Most of them also have a free version which I will leave you to find on your own.

    Finding Free, Inexpensive & Expensive Apps

    • The days of ten cent/twenty-five cent quality app sales seem to be over. Paid Apps that used to cost a buck are now four or five bucks and the offerings on Google Anniversary sales are pretty sparse these days. That being said, most apps are still free and a tablet can be setup barely with a $25 Google Play Store Card and comfortably lots of discretionary dough left over with a $50 card.
    • What's the best app for ….? Read and search this forum. Loads of talented and helpful folks.
    • Search in the sister Nexus 7/Nexus 10 forum. Lots of Android experience: Nexus 7 / Nexus 10 Forum.
    • Search in the Play Store
    • Allowing installation of third-party Apps: Go to Settings, Security and check unknown sources.
    • What's the best app for ….? Read and search this forum. Loads of talented and helpful folks.
    • Amazon App Store App: Go to: Install Amazon Appstore]Nexus 7 / Nexus 10 Forum and tap the Download App Store App bar. It will download to the /sdcard/download folder. Tap on Amazon_Appstore-Release.apk, make sure you allow unknown sources and it will install. Amazon has a free app daily. For detailed instructions go here:
      Check the apps\application section of the forums for Amazon App Store Free App of the day reviews if any.
    • Read the forums, checking the General and Apps section: Your fellow members have your back and will announce any sales, notable free apps etc.
    • Check Android news apps: Engadget, Android Central, Phandroid etc. all will announce most sales.

    Virtual Keyboards



    • Personally, I like the stock Email app, called Email. It works well with my Yahoo account with its many, many mail folders.
    • Others like Kaiten, $4.99, a flexible app that's exchange friendly:
    • Gmail: We all have a gmail address associated with our account but probably use a fraction of its features. There are many fine gmail tutorials covering basic and advanced features on Youtube. Look here:
      gmail tutorial - YouTube


    Firefox: I exclusively use Firefox on my Desktop and it has been steadily improving on the Android platform:

    Firefox Beta introduces new features is more flash friendly.

    You can sync your desktop bookmarks. For desktop browsing, go to Menu, three vertical squares, check Request Desktop Site. On the home page, press Browse all Firefox Beta add-ons and install Phony. Go to Menu, Add-ons, Phony, Select User Agent: Desktop Firefox. To sync: Go to your desktop, launch Firefox, go to tools, options, sync, pair a device, follow the pair a device prompts.

    Flash Archived Versions: Flash is dead and not supported but the news hasn't reached many a web site. Head over to Adobe, scroll down to the Android section and periodically update. The apk file will appear in downloads. Go there and tap on the file to install it. Also make sure you have Settings/Security/Unknown Sources checked.
    Archived Flash Player versions

    Boat Browser--Flash Friendly:

    The Current Opera Mess

    Opera Beta: I've been using Opera Mobile for a couple of years. The Opera team has redesigned the webkit-based browser initially as Opera Beta, compatible with all devices and with continued support/updates:

    Opera Mobile has been upgraded as Opera Browser:
    If you had Opera Mobile installed, the upgrade process should have preserved your existing bookmarks.
    The new Opera uses Speed Dial rather than bookmarks, a series of half-inch icons that act as bookmarks. Unfortunately Opera link, the syncing service doesn't work. The Opera team doesn't pay attention to user forums and seems prone to erratic upgrades. One of the Opera Beta updates wiped all of the data, including Speed Dial/bookmarks and I can tell you it was very tedious manually setting up the lot again. If you're brave enough to use Opera, hit the orange O, go to settings, advanced, and set the user agent to desktop. Maybe it will sort itself out but you might be in for a wild ride with a series of erratic upgrades. The response to the new Opera Browser has not been good. Go to the Play Store, search for Opera Browser and take a look at the many, many one star reviews with pointed comments about lack of bookmarks, sync, Opera Config and so on.

    Opera Mobile Classic: In response to all the howling, Opera has re-introduced Opera Mobile Classic, 12.1, on the market. Users leaving one star reviews are prompted to install Opera Mobile Classic while they sort the problems out.

    Chrome: Chrome is Google's Browser. I find it successfully plays more online embedded videos than other browsers.

    There are many other fine browsers. Look to the forum for other choices.


    Music Folder Player: Go to the Play Store on your tablet or to on your PC and download Music Folder Player Donate, 99 cents, or send it to your tablet:

    Music Folder Player generates a playlist on the fly based on folders. Perfect for spoken word or music. It's a smart app that will automatically finds your mp3s by folder. If it's not in a folder, it won't see it. So even if you have a random group of mp3s, put them in your Data/Tunes in a folder called Random mp3s. Just launch it, it will scan your _Data folder, choose a folder and it will play all the music. It won't display all of the cover art streaming across the screen but you won't need to spend your life creating ID3 tags.

    Internet Radio and Music

    Tune-in Radio Free or Pro, $4.99
    Listen to and record over 50,000 radio stations and 1.2 million on-demand streams from seven continents. Check out the podcasts and music by language.

    If you want to catch some Hoosier Mojo, go to By Location, North America, United States, Indiana, Lafayette. 101.3 WBAA Classical. Stranger than strange, WBAA is much better than the classical station in San Francisco. Check it out and remember that the Internet was invented to bring Indiana media to you!

    8tracks Like Pandora but instead of choosing an artist and having a computer find similar artists, in 8tracks you choose mixes made by people.

    Shazam: It'll name that tune for you.

    PRI (Public Radio International
    Miss that Mad Men interview on Fresh Air, This American Life or need to follow a news story in more detail, download it or stream it.

    BBC: Catch local radio across the UK as well as Radio 4 without the BBC Player. You'll find most everything between the following two apps:
    Listen to BBC

    BBC Radio

    Google Play Music: You can download the music manager on your PC and upload up to 20,000 tunes to the Google Music Cloud (mp3, m4a, wma) that do not have DRM from folders, iTunes or Windows Media Player. Access them on your tablet using the Play Music app. You can make quick playlists and also make any amount of music available offline so long as you have space on your tablet to store it. Currently available in the US only.


    News360 for Tablets:
    Hands down the best news app with full articles from a variety of sources—coverage from the LA Times, Al-Jazeera and 1003 more. Hit the local tab on top for local coverage even if you don't live in a famous location. It's fairly fast, attractive and fun.

    Engadget, Phandroid & Android Police: Great for a quick scan through Android news and gossip.


    B]Android Police: No app but worthy of a bookmark[/B].
    Android Police - Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets

    Geeky Feeds for tech news. It has feeds from NY Times Tech, PC Magazine, BBC Technology, Lifehacker etc.

    World newspapers: It has digital feeds for local newspapers everywhere. Check up on your local newspapers, worldwide and your hometown. You can also check out Android Central, Engadget, Gizmodo, PC World, the Economist etc.

    Huffington Post: There are two, Huffington Post for Android and Huffington Post (tablet). The later tablet edition is a real eyesore, with four columns of five rows assaulting your eyes and brain all the time. Stick with the Huffington Post for Android. Lots of categories and you can concentrate on one at a time:

    Google Currents: It's actually a fairly attractive way to keep up with a variety of Android news sources such as Lifehacker, Android Central, PBS, Gizmodo, the Christian Science Monitor, CNet, etc. I even have a feed from the news section of our forum.

    Comic Reader: When you only have a short time to kill
    Hundreds of comic strips to choose as favorites:


    Surely one of the joys of owning a tablet is watching films in bed, on the sofa or on the run. The Android OS doesn't support plug and play drivers, so at this time you won't be able to use a usb dvd drive. You're going to need to convert your DVDs to a digital format and use a video app to play them on your tablet.

    DVD Catalyst: I've converted my DVD collection using DVD Catalyst, a $10 piece of software that runs on a pc:
    Home of DVD Catalyst 4 - convert fast and easy AVI DVD MKV to Bionic Droid iPad3 iPhone4 iPod Touch4 Iconica Innotab Galaxy Tab Nabi Playbook Transformer Prime Thrive Vita Xoom XyBoard and more

    DVD Catalyst is a sponsor of this forum, giving excellent support to our members. I've converted DVDs from many different regions, PAL, NTSC and enabled subtitles, even enlarging the subtitle space when it wouldn't fit. Best ten bucks I've spent in a long time.

    DVD Catalyst converts movies to mp4 and an average DVD ends up being 1.4gb or so. I don't have a Blu-Ray drive and couldn't tell you how they convert. I see lots of users reporting success.
    Rather than buying/downloading DRM movies, go to Ebay or Amazon and there are plenty of quality DVDs in the $5 range. Get them legally, convert them, store them on your pc or drive and copy them to the Data\Videos folder for viewing, one of two at a time.

    Dice Player: My personal favorite player is DicePlayer, donation based, hit the menu bar in Dice, three vertical squares and click on donate to give $2 to the dev:

    Dice Plugin:
    It will play most formats including mkv. That being said, searching the forum will turn up a wide variety of players including BSPlayer, MoboPlayer, VLC Media Player and ES Explorer's own player, ES Media Player. Many Video apps have a free plugin, including Dice, Free DicePlayer plugin for tegra2.

    Streaming Video

    I've successfully streamed videos from both Amazon Prime and Netflix through the Browser. I've also successfully streamed videos from my Win7 desktop to my tablet via ES File Explorer's LAN Connection. As of now, I can't steam via my XP desktop.
    • Press Network and then Lan on the right-hand column.
    • Press + New at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a Lan Server configuration box.
    • Enter Domain only if you are connecting to a Domain server, otherwise leave it blank. Enter your IP address in the server block. Then enter the Username and Password for yur PC. Finally enter a display name for your PC in the Display as block.
    • You can hit search at the bottom of the screen to find your PC IP address, otherwise, on a pic, click start, type in cmd in the search bar, hit enter and the type in Ipconfig in the resulting dos box and hit enter.
    • Long pressing the server will put a check under it, bringing up the edit toolbar at the bottom. You can delete, rename, edit server or view properties. If your router resets, editing server will allow you to enter the new IP address.

    Word Processing

    Make a Docs folder in your Data folder. Go on your desktop, Mac or PC, and use Word to save a variety of template docs. One with the margins of your choice, one with columns and so on.

    Open Office: Don't have Word on your desktop? Personally, I kicked the habit and use Open Office: There are free versions for both PC and Mac:

    Apache OpenOffice - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

    Just remember to save as Word 2003, .doc. Open Office will also open docx files and many doc files previously created in Microsoft Office that Microsoft Office will no longer recognize.

    When I start a new document I open the appropriate template in my _Data\Docs folder, write a few lines and then use save as to create a new document name.

    Android applications are all a work-in-progress so there's no word processing hands-down winner. To draw from Good Intentions again, you might use one for its Excel strengths, another for spell checking and so on.

    Kingsoft Office:
    Kingsoft Office is a good free alternative from an innovative company in China known for their mouse-over translation software. It has internal spell checking:

    Kingsoft also offers an alternate version with support for 45 languages.

    Office Suite Pro:
    My personal favorite is Office Suite Pro. It has support for columns and more formatting options. I got it on sale long ago. It still comes up for sale from time to time. There is a trial version:

    The full version is $14.95, ouch!

    Free Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus:
    The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus acts as a stand alone dictionary but also ties in with Office Suite. Open any document with Office Suite Pro, go to settings, three vertical stacked squares, go to settings, go to Dictionary configuration, and select the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Long pressing any word in Office Suite Pro will bring up the dictionary.

    Popup Dictionary:
    Popup Dictionary enables users to use a dictionary (Google Translate or other online dictionaries) while doing another job. It can be used while reading e-book, surfing on the internet or even while playing games. It can be resized, moved and minimized to notification panel.With the transparency option user can see the application behind the Popup Dictionary. It can receive text from other applications via Share function. A long click on a search result adds that word into favorite words. Integrated with Google Translate.
    • Set it to Eng-Eng or bilingually if needed.
    • Type in a word, hit the settings key, three squares stacked vertically, and choose Dictionaries for definitions.
    • Hit enter/search to access Google Translate when using anything but English-English.
    • The Popup window can be moved at will and is transparent.

    Floating Notes 2 $1.94:
    The full version of Floating Notes 2. Floating Notes is a floating note application and hovers above any app.Features:
    → open notes in another window
    → append notes
    → up to four windows instead of two
    → all settings enabled:
    → activate bulletpoints to make lists (press ENTER to add a new bulletpoint)!
    → persistent notification in your phone's statusbar to open a new note quickly
    → change font, textcolor and textsize!
    → stop windows from going beyond screenboundaries
    → hide the closebutton to prevent misclicks

    URL to PDF

    URL to PDF: UrlToPDF converts any Web url to a PDF file. Convert any Webpage to PDF. Enter URL, click on convert. Then share or view offline when you need a pdf on the run.


    I enjoy reading books on the tablet and restrict my choices to four different formats: Epub, mobi, txt and pdf. I keep some of my ebooks in my _Data\ Ebook folder , organized into subfolders such as fiction, history, literature, horror, etc. Remember the universe is 16 or 32 GB.

    I go to my shortcut to _Data on my homescreen, go to the Ebook folder, select a book, go to the Open as Screen and choose an app. For pdfs, I use the free Adobe reader or EzPdf, a much loved pdf app with many useful features beyond the requirements of reading an ebook pdf:
    Adobe Reader

    EZPdf $3.99:

    Jota+ Editor: For text files, I use Jota+ Editor, a text app that will open large files:

    FB Reader: For mobi files, I use FBReader, an app that will open both mobi and epub files.
    FB Reader:

    FB Reader TTS Plugin

    Cool Reader: Finally I use Cool Reader for Epub files:

    If you want to support the developer, after installing the app above, you can donate a buck here:

    Cool Reader supports epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml formats.

    ColorDict: Both Cool Reader and FB Reader can use Colordict to look up English definitions, synonyms, antonyms as well as in Spanish and Chinese. Download Colordict and open the app:

    After Colordict indexes, press the Download Dictionaries button at the bottom of the screen.
    Install and then open English Spelling DictData. Opening the app will copy the data to Colordict and then uninstall the app and leftovers. You'll need to hit OK several times.
    Hit the back arrow to return to the dictionary installation page. Repeat the process by installing the English Thesaurus Dictionary and English Dictionary Wordnet. Install the Spanish-English, English Chinese, Japanese English and/or German English dictionaries for additional foreign language content as needed.
    After installing and then opening/copying data/uninstalling the dictionaries, exit the app. Open Colordict one additional time to allow the app to index the new data. Then exit the app.

    Configuring Cool Reader

    The following warning appears upon updating or installing Cool Reader:
    Warning: To support fullscreen mode and dimming of softkeys on Android 3 and 4, target Android version has been changed to Android 4. In this mode legacy menu soft button is not available anymore. Without reader toolbar in reading mode you can open menu by tapping at center of screen. Long tap at center of screen shows settings dialog.. Turn on toolbar in reading mode now? (You can always change this option in Settings/Page/Toolbar) Translation: Access the toolbar and settings in an open book by a short tap for the toolbar or a long tap for settings in the center of the screen.
    Open Cool Reader and then a book or the manual.

    • Press the settings icon, crossed hammer and wrench, by a long press in the center of the screen.
    • Press the Font Menu, AA, change the Hyphenation dictionary from Russian to English US.
    • Press the Folded-Page icon, set View mode to pages, set Orientation to sensor, set Landscape pages from one page to two pages, change Background texture to Paper and change Page Animation from Slide (2 Pages) to Paperbook.
    • Press the Pointing Finger Icon then check Text Selection with double tap.
    • Press the far-right single page icon, set Screen backlight timeout to Use system default.
    • Press the far-right single page icon, press dictionary and choose Colordict.
    • Hit the far-left back arrow which will return to either the manual or the ebook you chose. Double tapping on a word will highlight it and below you'll see a toolbar. Pressing the double screen will copy the text to the clipboard, pressing the a/z icon will bring up Colordict, hitting star will add a bookmark, hitting the envelope will prompt you to open an email app, hitting the magnifying glass icon will bring you to search and hitting x will close the toolbar. Hitting the back arrow in Colordict will return you to your reading selection.
    • Hitting the far-right radial down arrow opens up an additional menu with many additional choices such as Day/Night, Go to Page, Search, Autoscroll, Read Aloud, etc.

    You might not be surprised to see this kind of two page formatting, with page turning animation on an epub book but try it on a text document or a Palm book. Go back to the Menu icon, (four horizontal lines), then More, options include Night Mode, Read aloud, Autoscroll and show manual. The devs update frequently, keeping the cool in Cool Reader. You can download it for free but I recommend the $3 Silver donation to support innovative apps.

    FB Reader:

    Both Cool Reader and FBReader will open epub books, FBReader in a larger single-page format and Cool Reader in a double paginated format. Some epub illustrated books and ones with photos might open better with Cool Reader, while others might be better formatted with FBReader. This could change back-and-forth as updated versions appear. You should be able to open most ebooks using either Cool Reader or FBReader.

    Configuring FB Reader:
    • Open FB Reader. Hit the Menu Icon, three squares stacked vertically, go to settings.
    • Go to Page Turning, Animation and choose Curl Animation.
    • Go to Dictionary and make sure ColorDict 3 is selected for Dictionary and translator.
    • Long pressing any word will select the text. A toolbar will appear below. The double page icon will copy the selected text to the clipboard, the double arrow opens a menu of apps for further actions, the circular arrows will bring up ColorDict, the ribbon icon creates a bookmark while the X closes the toolbar.

    English Dictionary - Offline
    English Dictionary - Offline: The free offline English dictionary application explains the meaning of 159000 English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary.Features more than 159000 words plus 68000 inflected forms. Works as a lookup choice for definitions in FB Reader. No FB Reader adjustments settings needed.

    QuickPic: Viewing Images and Photos

    QuickPic: I use QuickPic for viewing images and Photos. It automatically scans your tablet card for graphics and gives many options to scroll through them in an attractive manner. Make a Pics folder in your Data folder with as many sub-folders as needed. Put some of your photos in your tablet. Again, the universe is 16 or 32 GB.

    MultiPicture Live Wallpaper as your wallpaper

    • We have five screens to populate with wallpaper. You can make your own wallpaper from your own photos, images on line etc. Gathering the images is a task easier accomplished on a desktop:
    • I made a California Screen Saver with 381 images, using 112mb. It put them in a sub-folder of Data\pics. It took me five hours or so but I've passed it on to many friends for their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
    • Use Google Images: or
    • Use Google Search and then click on images at the side.
    • I searched for the following, substitute search topics for your state/country/theme: Moon, lightning, fog, waves, mountains, rain, snow, hills, rivers, bridges, trains, waterfalls, redwoods, forests, desert, fireworks... matched with California, San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Berkeley Hills, Los Angeles etc. I made a CA folder on my desktop computer, did a search, opened the photo, right-click save and on and on. Most photos are public domain and most photographers will allow you to download a lower resolution version of their photo—plenty good enough for a screen saver. Eliminate any images below 44k and resize any images above 1.5mb. You can use the free programs: Irfanview and Paint dot net to edit your photos. Send me a PM if you need Irfanview and Paint dot net help.
    • When you're done, copy your screensaver (whatever name) folder to your _Data/pics folder.
    • Download Multipicture Live Wallpaper from the play store:
    • Open Multipicture Live Wallpaper, press the Multi-picture Live Wallpaper icon
    • Under Common Setting, set crop size ratio to full-size crop. Then hit the back button.
    • Scroll to Transition type and select Random
    • Scroll to Picture Change Selection, Picture Change interval and set to one hour
    • Scroll to Advanced Settings, Workaround for some home application and set to Ignore vertical movement.
    • Scroll to Other, Donation version, only a buck.
    • If you want to randomly select your wallpapers from one folder with any number of sub-folders, go to common settings, choose picture source, choose picture folder and then navigate to your picture folder in _Data. You're done!
    • If you would like individual settings by screen: Scroll to Add Individual settings and press the + icon and select screen 1, hit OK
    • Scroll to Screen 1 settings, under Picture source and choose Picture Folder
    • Under Folder Path: Data/Pics/your folder name
    • Selection Settings: Check Search folder recursively, Rescan picture when modified and search from Gallery.
    • Under Picture selection order, choose random.
    • Repeat for other screens
    • Enjoy!

    Folder Organizer: Keeping it Organized

    Folder Organizer: In ICS or Jelly Bean, dragging an application icon onto an existing icon will allow you to make a folder. So you can do it yourself but I'll pass and use Folder Organizer, $1.49. It allows you to create folders with custom icons, keeping your favorite apps at hand.
    • Open Folder Organizer
    • Press the Bucket + New Label tab in landscape or the arrow in the upper left hand corner and do the same. Give your label a name: Internet, Ebooks, Android, News etc. or select labels to see named choices.
    • Getting apps in your labeled folder: Select label, and hit the blue arrow at the right-hand side of the screen to add apps. Choose apps and check the boxes of the apps you'd like in that folder. Then press done in the upper right.
    • Changing Icons: Hit the arrow in the upper left in portrait and select labels. Press the blue arrow on the right and then press icons. I get most of my icons from Default icons.
    • Getting your label on the screen: Go to the Apps icon in the center of the bottom, six squares in a circle. Select widgets at the top and scroll until you see FO Folder Link – Folder Organizer. Drag the icon to the screen of your choice Then choose the appropriate label.
    • You can backup and restore your settings: Open Folder Organizer, tap on the three squares and choose export. It will export an xml file. You can restore your settings by importing the file on the same tablet after reinstalling or on a new tablet.

    Battery Life
    Auto Airplane Mode by Don, make sure you get the app by Don. “Automatically enables airplane mode when the screen is turned off. It is useful to save battery when you are not using your device. “

    App Dragon App Lister
    • App Dragon App lister simply makes a list of all of your apps and sends it to the email address of your choice. Handy when wiping or changing tablets.

    • Running out of space or want to trim down your tablet? Diskusage will tell you where your large apps/cache settings are taking up space.

    First Aid - American Red Cross A must have for all your Android devices:
    First Aid offers step-by-step instructions, videos, pictures as well as questions and answers.

    Fox9 Weather:
    Out of the box thinking:
    MSP FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android.
    • Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance
    • Vertical and horizontal map display with looping
    • NOWrad, the gold standard for radar in the weather industry
    • Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
    • Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index
    • Color coded weather alerts arranged by severity
    • Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
    • Integrated compass overlay
    • Most accurate 10 day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
    Well. it goes on and on.
    Set it to your area by hitting the home icon, then the plus sign and finally enter your zip code.Your city will appear, long press the star to select it with yellow or long select current location. Works fine for me and the weather in San Francisco is about as far apart from Minneapolis as one could imagine.

    Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout: (US Only)
    Order food delivery from over 20,000 restaurants in 1,000+ cities, with more being added each day. Search from wherever you are, or wherever you’re going to be when you’re ready to eat. The Eat24 app remembers your preferences, which saves you time, and gives you coupons on a regular basis, which saves you money.
    I'm in San Francisco, just a little less than 30 blocks from floating in the Pacific Ocean, and my initial search found 306 restaurants, 90% delivering for free while 10% charge $1 to $2. I saw a comment on Google Play from the burbs somewhere, where only three were available. Your mileage may vary. There's a video posted on their playstore site.


    Having Fun with Your Nexus 7 Tablet--A Basic Step-by-Step Setup
    Having 16GB of Fun with Your Nexus 7 Tablet--A Basic Step-by-Step Setup

    Having Fun with Your Asus Tablet
    Having Fun with Your Asus Tablet -- A Basic Step-by-Step Guide


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    Nice, and well said....thank you.

    *But imo....people might wanna be very very (very) careful with this lil nugget....
    Allowing installation of non-Market Apps: Go to Settings, Security and check unknown sources.

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    Nice guide Thenrik,

    Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    I'm sure this will be handy for quite a few people, including me

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    Thanks its excellent post
    Should be sticky

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    Very nice informative, well written piece, thenrik! I did get a little nervous when you said ".....Echoing Good Intentions" and I thought 'Oh, Oh!!' But you echoed the good GoodIntentions and not the wry GoodIntentions, Whew!
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    I don't really need this but I rated it 5 stars, excellent for beginners.

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    Great tips,thanks..

    Sent from my HTC HD2

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    Thanks for the info thenrik. That took you some time and your efforts are appreciated.
    "Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail. It's more fun being the hammer but you learn more being the nail.

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    Wow, great resource, taught me a thing or two...or three!
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