for hanging out here with us at

I just wanted to send out a quick note to all of our members that we have been doing a few housekeeping changes around here. We have re-organized the forum a bit to get the TF101, SL101 and TF201 forums to have the same structure and hopefully make it easier to post in the right forum. Because of this you may be experiencing some issues with Tapatalk giving errors. Be sure to use the refresh button (hit the menu key then refresh) on your forum list, subscribed topics and favorite forums and it should fix itself.

Since this forum was started with just the TF101 device, but now we have multiple devices here with more to come soon, we have added a "Tablet" field that will be displayed below your avatar. The primary reason for this is to help other members help YOU when you post a question. Many times members are left to guess which device you have which can cause confusion and frustration on both sides. Please take a moment to go edit your profile and update this field.

Thanks again, and happy foruming!

TFF Admin