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    eMail app, turning off Conversation/Group eMail

    How in the world to you turn off the aMail app Conversation/Group eMail Message mode?

    On my Samsung Droid Charge the eMail messages don't group.

    It's disables in the WEB version of Hotmail, but can't find a setting to turn it off on the ASUS TF700T

    Help, I HATE Conversation Mode.

    I've tried other eMail apps in the past on my Android Phone and haven't found a better one, yet.

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    Answered it in the other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Frederuco
    My suggestion - try some other email clients. Kaiten Mail is my client of choice for many reasons. Search the forum for Kaiten and you will see mostly posts by myself and Leeshor.

    It has many features that are lacking in the GMail and Email apps (like search, select all, contact browsing, change the send from address and many more features). Also, Kaiten does not have conversation mode so each email is separate so they do not get grouped together.

    Warning: Kaiten costs $5. There are other free apps that can do the same (like K-9) but it is not tablet optimized last time I tried it. It does not have dual pane view, but some like the price.

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