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    Wanted to conclude this thread with what I've learned. Basically I kludged a solution for my issue. I simply banned my tf700's MAC addy from the other nearby nodes. Now I stay connected to the needed AP.

    What I have concluded is with the release of the JB firmware it seems as if Asus (or maybe Google) induced an affinity toward 802.11n routers/AP's over .11b or even .11g devices. For that reason they seem to prefer connecting to those devices even when there is zero reason to do so.

    I arrived here simply because there is no other theory left for me that fits. Luckily I have the option to effect a solution however fugly. I do hope we begin to see more granularity for Wifi control on our devices. And yeah, I know if I root I "might" be able to find the right settings file to try a few things. But, really? I just am too old and too tired of this stuff to go digging into the bowels of an OS to fix stuff...I did that 30+ yrs ago, I served my time...we old farts LIKE our GUI's now.

    Anyway, that was my fix for the issue ugly though it may has been an interesting issue to be kind.

    EDIT: Now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in hand I've been able to test a pre-4.2.x device to see if the issue was there too. I can confirm the Note 8.0 running JB 4.1.2 ( yes 4.1.2) had this "feature". Since I already confirmed it was not present pre-JB ( 4.0. x) it pretty much shows this is NOT an Asus +hing but more likely a Google thing.

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