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    Application incompatibility with Jelly Bean - list / discuss your app issues here.

    Hi all,

    Some have discovered that certain apps are incompatible with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. First of all, lets get it clear that this is not Asus' fault, neither is it Google's. App compatibility is the responsibility of the app developer, so if you discover an app that worked under ICS, but doesn't under Jelly Bean, the best thing to do is contact the developer directly.

    That said, you may find a list of apps that are problematical helpful, hence this thread. Who knows, someone may have found an alternative or a work around.

    Over to you, folks...

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

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    Thanks janner43 for making this thread and closing the other one we won't mention. I was thinkng of creating a thread like this but glad a mod did so instead!

    Now to start things off with my apps I use to use on the Prime but haven't since owning the Infinity along with the JB update, I agree with janner43 that it's the app devs fault why some apps are either incompatible or work oddly. It also is the devs fault to not really be trying to move on and work with new devices that pop on the market. Full HD tablets will be the craze next year, Tablet makers are showing a push towards this already (example, Nook HD+) if you have been keeping up with the tech world (ie Engadget, CNET, The Verge, etc.), so devs will eventually HAVE to update their apps for compatibility alone just like they had to for Jelly Bean.

    So for now currently NO EA GAMES Work on the Infinity probably due to screen resolution not being supported (ie EA doesn't own a FHD tablet). This has been brought up on their Mobile Forum btw, but despite what people belive, EA doesn't read that thing despite them pointing most users complaining about app issues to go there.

    Fans of Bandcamp - the indie music site have an app called bandroid. IT hasn't actually worked on anything above Android 2.3, so this app boils down to maybe an android update compatibility. There is another app called campscout but it is about as broken as china falling on the floor.



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