This probably works for any tablet or trasnformer that was left in the dust on updates. From what I hear custom ROMs can introduce other problems especially with batteries in the keyboards and keyboard features. I am typing this on my tf300t right now and have figured out it can be used and is as fast as it was from day one. In my case faster than day one. There is one other person somewhere who discovered what works too. I have also figured out some quirks on the keyboard that I don't think anybody has addressed.

If anybody is interested, I know it's an old tablet, but with a few tips and apps (mostly free on play store, but I bought the paid version), the tablet works great. If interested, just reply that you are interested. The downside is you have to access Google Docs, One Note, Evernote, etc. from the browser instead of the apps. The other downside is the installation of the Browser and other apps will take a long time to install, since the real issue is the tablet was never updated to install updates or apps. It took me a day to install a few apps and the Browser. If anyone is interested I will describe what works. The browser is Puffin, but there are a few things that need to be uninstalled to make the tablet soar. These have to be uninstalled after the Stuff you want is on the tablet. I would suggest, basic note programs, Note Everything, FiNote, I have compared this tablet to my new Samsung 5SE and it is just as fast surfing the Net. It's a painfully slow process to get stuff on in the beginning, but it's still a great tablet.