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    SOLUTION: Dock latch failures

    Almost since the ASUS tablets arrived on the market, complaints about failures of the dock latch securing the tablet arose. The small clips are easily damaged or wear so that the catch mechanism becomes undependable or dysfunctional. The result can be just a nuisance or sometimes serious damage can occur when the tablet separates and slips out our your grasp or off you car seat. I devised a simple, practical, but not exactly pretty solution.

    Using 2" self-adhering Velcro strips (available in 2"x4" tabs or longer bands) cut lengthwise into 2-1" strips. Clean the hinge clasp and adjacent area of the tablet with alcohol to improve adhesion and apply one strip along the hinge spine from the edge of the clasp to the groove on the back. (Going further back will impinge on opening.) Place the other half of your Velcro on the face of the tablet in close proximity of the edge of the clasp. I chose the fuzzy pieces to attach as it seemed more pliable to mold to the curvature of the clasp. Now you have two similar pieces of Velcro approximating each other at the edge of the clasp. To secure them, use the reciprocal 2" tab of Velcro over the joint. It can be easily removed to free the tablet to use independently when you don't need them secured.
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